The All-In-One Command Center Kit.

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The Most Straightforward & Intuitive of Its Kind

The new Vistacom SecureView™ is here. Our all-in-one command center kit is a highly affordable, pre-engineered video wall and display solution. It makes easy self-assembly a reality for small and medium operations centers with best-in-class products, expert remote support and a number of factory-tested configurations to choose from.

Video walls and displays are playing an increasingly critical role in helping control room operators gather data, assess potential risks, and engage in intelligent, proactive response.

Right out of the box, Vistacom SecureView™ provides operators with a single-pane-of-glass view of operations across their infrastructure and enables the seamless assimilation of data feeds while creating a more simplified workflow.

Explore the Possibilities

We conveniently package Vistacom SecureView™ with easy-to-follow guides and videos that effectively enable DIY installation by security integrators and/or end-users. All technology components are pre-configured and tested by our Control Room Solutions technicians at our factory prior to shipping.

Vistacom SecureView™ Product Configurator

Five selections ↓ Easy self-assembly. | One complete command center solution.

Command centers don’t have to be complicated.

When you demand efficiency and intuitiveness to maintain an effective and intelligent security posture, Vistacom SecureView™ delivers with a simplified solution.

Talk to us about your control room and select from one of our pre-configured solutions.

Video Wall or Large Format Displays

Select from a high-quality, 24/7-rated video wall or large format displays in pre-configured options that best fit operator workflow and your control room environment–including convenient wall or floor mounting options.

Video Processor

Effective decision-makers rely on data that works for them. The Vistacom SecureView™ powerful video and data processor offers superior performance in a small, compact form factor. It provides cutting-edge flexibility in mission-critical control rooms and security operations centers, enabling the dynamic management of information flow.

Touch Control Interface

Featuring a user-friendly interface, a 10” tabletop touch panel gives operators quick and easy control of their audiovisual environment. Touch panels are tailored around the end-user’s brand and also include site-specific Help Desk details.

Operator Consoles

Ergonomic sit/stand consoles provide the comfort and stability that modern control rooms demand. Empower operators to stay focused on mission-centric work and critical decision-making. Vistacom SecureView™ operator consoles reduce fatigue, improve productivity and optimize sightlines.

Audio Options

Every control room has different audio requirements. Vistacom SecureView™ delivers premium sound quality with audio standards that are pre-engineered for high speech intelligibility and configured according to end-user needs, whether that includes elegant, low-profile ceiling speakers or no additional hardware.

Standard or Extended Cabling

Position Vistacom SecureView™ exactly where you need it. Choose from either a Standard or Extended cabling package to ensure seamless and convenient stand-up of the video wall or displays–and align your command center with operator workflow and sightline requirements. 

Expert Remote Support

A two-year warranty is included with comprehensive remote support directly through the Vistacom Managed Services Team, including Help Desk support and instant QR code access to supporting guides and documentation.

Insight from our CEO

The Real Value of Vistacom SecureView™

“This simplified technology offering allows us to empower our customers and partners by putting them in the driver’s seat and removing the complexities associated with larger, more demanding integrations. At its core, Vistacom SecureView™ is a foundational, yet scalable command center solution that delivers hassle-free situational awareness and streamlines operator decision-making.”

Angela Nolan, Chief Executive Officer, Vistacom Inc.

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