Unified Communications and Collaboration

Modernize Meetings. Make Work Meaningful.

Connecting Your People, Places & Information

Unified communications and collaboration is an all-in-one solution that allows your workplace to stop wasting valuable time managing a variety of disjointed communications platforms. Imagine having streamlined access to all your business communication tools from a single interface.

Vistacom unifies and integrates everything from messaging and file sharing to video conferencing and productivity tools, enabling people to work and connect from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

For your increasingly distributed workforce, we design user-friendly systems by putting people first and integrate workplace tools that provide the advanced capabilities necessary to make connecting employees in and out of the office more efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

Positioning Workplaces for the Future

The demand for the latest collaboration technologies and versatile work methods are shaping office environments of the future. Our teams are certified in supporting a wide range of unified communications platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, GoTo, and RingCentral. Our technicians have a depth of knowledge in helping companies overcome interoperability challenges and deploy effective, enterprise-wide solutions.

In remote and flexible hybrid work environments, meaningful participation and equal engagement no matter where you are located have shifted from strategic principles to business-critical conditions. Vistacom puts your operations in focus and steers your organization ahead of the technology curve.

Transforming Your Meeting & Collaboration Experience

Ease of collaboration creates more opportunities for your team to share ideas and capitalize on projects that ultimately lead to business growth. Innovation and fresh ideas happen when a workplace is conducive to organic collaboration, featuring simple and intuitive meeting spaces that transform business interactions.

At Vistacom, our proven process starts by examining your specific needs, progresses by working closely with IT teams through organizational change, and results in scalable solutions that facilitate more productive information sharing and seamless collaboration.


Capture speech with professional-grade technology for specific room arrangements.
Provide high speech intelligibility for when clarity and consistency matters.
Achieve reliable image quality and powerful video collaboration.
Realize sharp image clarity and a modern viewing solution to conference with confidence.
Wireless Presentation Solutions
Enable easy collaboration and productivity with flexible meeting solutions.
Interactive Whiteboarding & Advanced Collaboration
Go beyond information sharing to introduce cutting-edge ways of working on content.
Control Systems
Manage collaboration features with advanced control and a centralized platform.
Room Scheduling & Productivity Tools
Maximize meeting uptime and gain enhanced insights to optimize technology.


Huddle Spaces

For many, these are the bread and butter of fruitful team collaboration. Huddle rooms are smaller, informal spaces that allow for impromptu meetings, more intimate brainstorming, and enhanced teamwork. Vistacom reshapes modern workplaces by implementing strategic huddle spaces throughout an office, introducing more convenient and efficient ways of collaborating when it matters most.

Executive Offices

While more formal meetings will likely still need to take place in a boardroom or via remote conferencing at your home office, an executive office is often the area where meaningful and decisive communications take place. To better serve as a functioning meeting space, we expand offices into professional environments that are more conducive to hosting visitors as well as more conversational dialogue with core groups of colleagues, strategic partners, and clients.

Small & Medium Conference Rooms

Whether the purpose of the space is for more confidential matters or collaborative-style business meetings, our team knows that technology must be simple to operate and facilitate productivity. With scalability in mind, Vistacom partners with you to build flexible small to mid-sized conference rooms. As a certified integrator of Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms, we have the qualifications and knowledge to noticeably improve your meetings with hybrid video conferencing systems and user interfaces that are easy, intuitive, and well-designed.

Classrooms & Training Rooms

The goal of any learning environment is to create the best educational experience and foster engagement with course material for as many students as possible. With video conferencing systems tailored to specific classroom arrangements and the needs of your organization’s training space, you can expand your reach with hybrid solutions and empower instructors with next-gen unified collaboration tools.

Desktops & Workspaces

At personal workspaces, whether dedicated desktops or hotdesking stations, utilizing the right personal audio and video devices is vital to enable people to be their best selves. Vistacom works closely with businesses to realize scalable personal solutions that fit specific work styles, bringing high-performing video, crystal clear audio and ergonomic unified communication technologies right at everyone’s fingertips.

Portable Hybrid Conferencing

When fully integrated hardware and unified communications doesn’t seem like the most versatile or budget-friendly solution, Vistacom offers the ability to deploy all-in-one video conferencing systems that aren’t contingent on established technology infrastructure. With portable conferencing, you can move video collaboration and communication platforms from room to room—and instant access to the Vistacom Help Portal moves along with it.


A unified video conferencing ecosystem brings a refreshing approach to judicial settings and can magnify the power of collaborative justice. With the enhanced simplicity of connecting and collaborating with anyone from anywhere across your video conferencing platform, customized audiovisual solutions are essential to creating courtroom experiences that not only fit the strenuous workflow and use cases of the space, but also preserve the historical and judicial integrity of the courtroom. Vistacom understands the unique requirements of courtroom environments and the need for dependable and easy-to-use technology.


In an industry where effective, real-time communication is not only necessary but critical, telehealth transforms capabilities for healthcare providers, providing video conferencing technologies for patient care delivery as well as other applications, such as research, training, and cross-departmental collaboration. By designing and deploying telehealth solutions for your institution, Vistacom helps you help more patients and break down geographical barriers.

Vistacom can help take your technology to the next level.

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