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The quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors when determining the return on investment for new technology and long-term profitability for a company.

Vistacom’s training philosophy is a simple one—start early and reinforce often. We believe the successful implementation and integration of any technology system involves training users to instill confidence and understanding. Reinforcing that employees know how to use the system to its best ability also puts your company well on its way to achieving its goals.

Our deliberate training procedure has been advanced through over 50 years of cutting-edge technology system installation. The training process is benchmarked with four key milestones:

  1. Programming discovery and development
  2. Proof of concept testing
  3. Onsite initial training
  4. Six-month appraisal of training effectiveness and needs

Vistacom understands the different priorities involved when implementing new technology and recognizes both the limited time and staggered scheduling that is required to ensure all employees receive the appropriate level of training required. We offer a flexible training schedule and can also provide a continuing education program at the request of the client.

Our training goes well beyond the initial "how to operate." Vistacom believes the successful implementation and integration of AV/IT technology also involves understanding the "why" and "when" of using your equipment.