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Meeting the Demands of Mission-Critical Spaces

Today’s command center and control room operators are tasked with remaining vigilant while monitoring an organization’s entire 24/7/365 operations and interpreting multiple sources of information. Operation centers must empower teams with reliable, efficient and collaborative control room technology to manage incidents, respond to emergencies, protect critical infrastructure and to maintain an effective and intelligent security posture.

Enhancing Situational Awareness

As more control room solutions become ingrained into organizational operations and security, it’s imperative that real-time information from a variety of sources — video, audio, SCADA applications, access control, alert systems, etc. — be fed into one centralized system. Vistacom seamlessly assimilates all data needed to provide a Common Operational Picture (COP) and to make informed, timely decisions.

Supporting Your Operations With Expertise

Vistacom understands that control rooms come in many forms and functions. Our team of certified and experienced design engineers, project managers, and installation technicians will deliver the fully integrated technology, equipment, and support your operator needs. We engage with your teams and strategic partners—from concept to completion—at any stage of the process to recommend the right command room solutions for your unique application and to work within your existing IT architecture.


Video Walls & Displays
Establish reliable and modular presentation of mission-critical data.
Consoles & Workstations
Implement ergonomic technical furniture designed for 24/7 environments.
Processors & Control Systems
Visualize control room management information with flexibility and without limitations.
Signal Management & Routing
Connect a variety of critical sources to realize a common operational picture.
Operator & Room Audio Systems
Enhance focus with workflow-centric sound and communications.
Streaming & Recording
Share live data and relevant content beyond the control room or analyze asynchronously.
Video Conferencing & Unified Collaboration
Stay informed and rely on efficient channels of communication.
Specialized Mounting
Solve your unique display challenges with customized solutions.
Multi-Touch Collaboration
Bring situational awareness to the discussion table with advanced interactivity.
3D Visualization
Attain deeper insights and elevate awareness from situational to immersive.


Security Operations Centers

Establishing a robust and capable around-the-clock security posture allows organizations to identify and stop threats before they happen or as they unfold. Dangers and damage from bad actors, hazardous situations and chaotic incidents don’t prevent, monitor and resolve themselves. Vistacom builds Security Operation Centers that enable organizations to effectively see the whole picture, deal with a variety of security issues, enhance decision-making and improve response times at a centralized location.

Emergency Operations Centers

The nature of an emergency prompts urgent response. With the capabilities of a central facility such as an Emergency Operations Center, operators, key officials and field personnel can collect real-time information and efficiently coordinate the best possible response to protect infrastructure and keep people safe. Our control room experts design environments with strategically integrated technologies needed to visualize and coordinate data and resources that support emergency management and critical response.

Transportation Operations Centers

A central part of improving operations for transportation agencies is implementing a better way to harness numerous types of transit data and visualize it in a meaningful way. Vistacom makes networked visualization and communication solutions a reality for forward-thinking transit authorities. We design and deploy transit command room solutions that integrate live cameras and roadway monitoring data from targeted geographic regions and a variety of endpoints to boost situational awareness and future-proof operational efficiency.

Logistics Operations Centers

From fleet operations to the management of aircraft, ships and vehicles, a strategic operation center can be the difference between smooth and safe transport and a supply chain disaster. Through the centralized command and control of a Logistics Operations Center, managers and operations teams can collect and analyze streamlined data to help minimize risk, increase productivity, enforce critical policies and procedures, and ensure the safety and security of assets, vehicles, passengers and employees.

Energy & Utilities Operations Centers

Vistacom understands the specific needs of companies in utility services and critical infrastructure sectors. There are two core functionalities of these environments: data monitoring and coordinated response. Our technicians have the compliance requirements and a depth of experience in integrating high-performing solutions powered by advanced control systems that visualize complex networks of data. In short, we help energy and utility companies realize their continuity of operations plan and fuse together 24/7 mission-critical technologies for improved oversight and critical response.

Dispatch Centers

Under 24/7 intense pressure, dispatchers often do the heroic work of answering emergency calls, assessing live incidents, communicating critical information to emergency responders and coordinating dispatch efforts. We know that assimilating and seamlessly displaying the two-way data requires an in-depth understanding of operator workflow, so we dedicate the time, resources and testing to develop and create real-time common operating pictures that actually expand situational awareness.

Real-Time Crime Centers

For many organizations and agencies, these spaces are the next generation of intelligent public safety. Real-Time Crime Centers don’t just gather information to interpret and coordinate a response; these cutting-edge environments ingest data from modern technologies—drones, weather and traffic feeds, surveillance cameras, social media monitoring, GPS, facial recognition, license plate recognition, asset tracking, etc.—to become proactive security hubs with sophisticated operations. Vistacom works to ensure that the trained analysts in these centers are equipped with seamless integrations and advanced visualization solutions.

Patient Command Centers

Command and control that’s strengthened with any combination of AI-based technologies and intelligent security solutions becomes inherently valuable to the overall delivery of healthcare. It’s all about managing patient decision support. To guarantee efficient care, Patient Command Centers need to consider technology integrations that allow operators to efficiently leverage real-time video and tracking data, such as the number of beds available, how many patients need rooms, the duration of patient wait times, inventory and allocation of PPE and other medical supplies—just to name a few. Vistacom has become invested in designing specialized visualization solutions and user-friendly communications informed by the challenges unique to healthcare facilities.

Network Operation Centers

Vistacom’s engineers and technicians cut their teeth by designing and integrating NOCs, or Network Operation Centers. Since then, we’ve developed a growing expertise in unifying technologies in these mission-critical spaces for IT professionals. By integrating software tools and hardware with the right processing and display technologies, Vistacom empowers management and technical operators with the necessary tools to monitor, manage, resolve and/or respond to network component failures, enterprise-wide issues or system outages.

Situation & War Rooms

Where the stakeholders and decision-makers gather, collaborate and problem-solve, Situation and War Rooms create environments that encourage critical thinking, deep discussion, real-time investigation and identifying important next steps when it matters most. From analyzing intelligence to crisis support to urgent video conferencing, Vistacom designs these breakout areas with the data assimilation and communication technologies needed to collaborate with centralized command, effectively handle situations of importance, confidentially prevent disasters or evade tragic events of magnitude.

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