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AV/IT Network Integration

The merging of two advanced technologies, audiovisual (AV) and information technology (IT), has given rise to a new brand of communications solutions. Increased IT network bandwidth and the heavy migration of AV's digital signal processing have produced new applications that provide powerful and effective business tools.

Opportunity abounds for strategically integrated AV and IT business solutions that are designed to meet current and future organizational goals, increase business capabilities, and simultaneously reduce overall operational costs. And Vistacom is part of the solution.

Following the model of Vistacom's solutions approach, our applications group analyzes a client's business needs and its organizational workflow. Once this is established, Vistacom recommends the appropriate technologies to enhance your business model.

Our Services

  • We help AV professionals to understand, deploy, and integrate both traditional and new AV systems into today's IT infrastructures. We help IT professionals understand how to deploy AV technologies into their current IT networks.
  • We educate management on how to cost-effectively deploy AV/IT technologies to improve communications capabilities, leverage intellectual capital, and increase overall ROI.
  • We provide customized end-to-end communications solutions for any business, in all industries.

Our Solutions

  • Video on demand
  • Full presentation and training systems
  • Comprehensive videoconferencing solutions
  • Digital signage
  • Presentation capture
  • Mobile sharing
  • Cloud-based technologies
  • Streaming and archiving
  • Remote monitoring, management and diagnostics