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Customer Journey

We have developed a proven process to create customized end-to-end technical systems that deliver on expected outcomes as part of your greater IT ecosystem.

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The Vistacom family doesn’t just work together to provide you with new technology; we take our customers on a journey tailored for them and their business goals. Approaching every project with holistic and proactive planning, our process helps organizations invest in reliable audiovisual and communication solutions for today and the future.

The Vistacom Process

Site Analysis

All projects begin with a thorough site analysis to ensure that the project scope is precisely defined to all client expectations.


Vistacom’s design team, including an account executive, applications engineer and programmer, will work with personnel to develop customized solutions to fit an organization’s needs and budget. Vistacom also undertakes feasibility testing to ensure that the solutions developed deliver the performance expected.

Custom Programmimg

Clear, concise and intuitive system interfaces make our audiovisual and communications systems easy to use, even by non-technical personnel.

Project Management

A dedicated project management team closely monitors your entire installation and ensures that facility downtime is minimized.

Quality Assurance

All projects are implemented using AV9000 compliance standards – a quality management system using state-of-the-art monitoring and measuring techniques, which ensures products are deployed in the best possible manner, providing cost savings to all parties.


An AV system is only as effective as the people who use it. Our specialized professional training programs give you the confidence and understanding to use your equipment to its fullest capabilities and the ability to easily transfer that knowledge to new users.

When our certified technicians take on the responsibility of your system’s performance from day one, user adoption improves and technology just works.

Our Managed Services team saves you time and money while allowing your users to work with ease.

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