Vistacom’s Director of Managed Services Named Quality Champion at 2018 AQAV Awards

(Allentown, PA, June 15, 2018) – Vistacom, Inc. is proud to announce that Tom Iasiello, Vistacom’s Director of Managed Services, was named AQAV’s Quality Champion as part of the 2018 AQAV Awards Program. The Association for Quality in Audiovisual Technology, Inc. (AQAV) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the operational art of designing and installing audiovisual technology. AQAV raises the bar for system integrators throughout the country through defining quality management standards, providing training, and appraisal audits of the companies and the systems.

Each year, AQAV recognizes a Champion who actively advocates, promotes, and facilitates the commitment to quality throughout their organization. AQAV states that a Quality Champion is one that, “embarks down that daunting path of forging quality into their very essence… (and) establishes a system of organized processes in order to assure quality for their customers, manage information and provide for continual improvement that is the very definition of Quality management.” Iasiello epitomizes this very definition. “Tom’s leadership and commitment to implementing the AQAV Quality Assurance standards across our fabrication and integration teams has been instrumental in our staff embracing this change and understanding the value that it brings to Vistacom and our clients”, states Angela Nolan, Chief Operating Officer at Vistacom.

In June 2017, Vistacom became only one of two integrators throughout the United States to successfully complete their AV9000 compliance through AQAV. By demonstrating their commitment to quality on behalf of their customers and applying the metrics of the AV9000 standard, Vistacom is ultimately able to provide cost savings to the company and the end-user alike. As a result of the implementation of the AV9000 quality standards, Vistacom’s warranty service calls have been reduced by over 27%, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Vistacom is proud to add Iasiello’s Quality Champion award status to Matt Boyer’s achievement, Director of Technology at Vistacom, as the 2016 AQAV award recipient. With two Quality Champions in the organization, Vistacom provides a compelling differentiator to end-users as a proven systems integrator committed to the highest degree of quality and excellence.


About Vistacom
Vistacom was founded in 1954 for the development and sale of state-of-the-art sound and emergency alert systems, and has since grown into a premier audiovisual integration firm. Vistacom’s certified engineers and experienced technicians combine the latest technologies in audio, video, communication, and control systems into a cohesive and manageable format to improve the quality and effectiveness of business communications.

About the Association for Quality in Audio Visual Technology, Inc
AQAV is non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that is dedicated to improving the operational art of designing and installing audio visual technology by focusing on the quality management of systems of those who design and install for the benefit of the industry and all its stakeholders: clients and users of AV technology, AV designers and installers, equipment manufacturers, related construction and architectural firms, and the environment.