A better company in all areas

Technology is rapidly changing all the time and it is imperative for businesses to keep up-to-date with new trends.

Fortunately, there are companies throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley that can help you stay on track.

Here to answer this week’s “Behind the List” questions is Jim Ferlino, principal of Vistacom Inc. in Allentown.

Lehigh Valley Business: How long has Vistacom been operating in the Greater Lehigh Valley and what are its primary services?

Jim Ferlino: Vistacom has been working in the Lehigh Valley for 60 years, and we provide audio, video and communications solutions for a variety of applications. We design and install presentation rooms, training facilities, videoconferencing rooms, streaming video solutions, video walls and large-venue audio systems. Our primary clients include corporations, health care, universities, government and houses of worship.

LVB: What have been some of the biggest hardships and opportunities Vistacom has encountered through-out its years in business?

Ferlino: Our business is somewhat tied to new construction, so we have experienced the ups and downs of business as the economy has fluctuated. In the ’90s, we had more work than we could handle and could not staff up quick enough. That changed for a four-year period from 2007-2010, and business slowed considerably. We were forced to become more efficient and work smarter. Additionally, the ballooning costs of health care have made it very difficult to manage costs.

Through adversity, we have learned to become a better company in all areas. Our people and processes are more streamlined, and the staff has a greater appreciation of what it takes to keep the business operating.

LVB: What are some perks of being a veteran-owned business? How does a business become certified as veteran-owned through the Small Business Administration?

Ferlino: Jack Ferlino, one of the key principals at Vistacom, was trained in the service and served in World War II. Although not officially certified as a veteran-owned business, Vistacom is considered a small business, and this provides us many opportunities within the government sector.

LVB: How does Vistacom directly stimulate the local economy?

Ferlino: Vistacom buys a variety of products and supplies for day-to-day business through local companies, and we hire staff locally whenever possible. Additionally, we use labor and services from local companies for building renovations and maintenance as needed. Part of our company mission includes giving back to the local charities, and we do this through donations of time, money and services.

LVB: What does the future look like for Vistacom? Does it have plans for growth in the region?

Ferlino: The future looks good for Vistacom, and we currently do business throughout the Northeast as well as nationally and internationally. We hope to grow our presence in the local region as well as the greater Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York regions.

Our technology is growing quickly and becoming a standard, especially among the younger generations. We believe that will open up many doors for future business.