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PPL Electric Utilities

PPL, Electric Utilities, is an energy company headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The company currently delivers electricity to 1.4 million customers in Pennsylvania. Construction has been completed on a new operations center. The facility maintains design criteria to meet Energy Star ratings; support high density loads, and provide Tier III redundancy. The 43' wide mapwall utilizes an 8x2 array of Barco OVL-815 80" SXGA+ cube wall driven by a Barco TransformN network-based processor. Vistacom designed the system with full redundancy of the processing side including both automated and manual crossovers. The wall is also flanked on each side by two (2) extra video displays for viewing of cable TV content related to situational awareness. "We had the opportunity to procure a new video wall, but had no pre-conceived notions of what the wall should be." state Jeff Daniels. Vistacom brought their designs to the table, and PPL liked what they saw. "We wanted the ability to bring corporate Pi displays up, which lives on a separate server. Vistacom was able to work with us to create the firewall technology we needed to bridge the servers and allow our operators to view a wealth of additional data that was not available to them before," stated Daniels. "This has been an invaluable asset in assisting with situational awareness. The success of this project relied heavily on Vistacom's full understanding of PPL's business operations.," stated Jim Ferlino, President of Vistacom. "This included a team effort from the initial discovery and review of the PPL concept of operations through all of the NERC CIP requirements and final installation."