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Instructional Technology Expert Joins the Vistacom Team

May 05, 2021

Vistacom’s mission has always been to help our clients achieve their business goals by improving communication. “To that end,” says Vistacom’s President & CEO Jim Ferlino, “we feel we can better support our higher education and K-12 clients by having someone on staff with the knowledge of and experience in instructional technology.” We are proud to acknowledge the newest member of the Vistacom team, Bill Brichta.

Bill’s degree in instructional technology and 22+ years as a CIO in higher education provide us with valuable insights and a unique perspective into how we can better support our clients with the right products and services to enhance their classroom experiences. He is actively involved in R&D across Vistacom’s departments and aims to help institutions navigate stimulus funding and streamline technology planning for an improved learning environment.

Bill’s role will also include being available for technology planning consultations with educational institutions across Pennsylvania and beyond. The first opportunity to join Bill for his insights into the future of instructional technology in the current economic landscape will be on Tuesday, May 18th at 2 PM for a webinar entitled The Role of Stimulus Funding & Planning Technology for the New Learning Environment.

About Vistacom

Over the past 65 years, Vistacom has grown from a small family-owned business to one of the premier audiovisual integration firms in the United States today. Vistacom’s forward-thinking philosophy has enabled the company to adopt the industry’s leading-edge technologies and provide our clients around the world with systems defined by innovation, for today and in the future. As today’s changing business landscape brings on increasing pressures for businesses to operate and communicate more efficiently and reliably, Vistacom approaches these challenges with educated solutions that implement the most robust technology for their audiovisual, control room and unified collaboration needs, with an emphasis on quality and a proactive approach.

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