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Supplying Highly Functional Operator Solutions

It’s mission-critical to ensure that all connected technology components and applications of a utility control room function both securely and precisely as operators need them to. A well-designed control room—whether it’s an upgrade or taken from concept to completion—can be the difference between more effective real-time data monitoring and a costly disruption to production or service.

Vistacom has a proven history integrating these specialized technology systems, providing the situational awareness necessary for 24/7 operation centers to more efficiently oversee public resources, power and utility generation, transmission and distribution. In compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements, we bring together disparate sources and strategically integrate reliable video walls, personal displays and operator workstation solutions to enhance day-to-day monitoring, forecasting and control.

Bulk Power System Stations

Power plant operations and transmission facilities have the huge responsibility to bring vital resources like electricity, oil and gas to the public and private sector. This inherently requires the ability to visualize dynamic, real-time data like geographic grid information, model validations and SCADA control systems. Our control room team is NERC CIP certified and trained to provide operators with reliable technology integration that enables easy collaboration, more accurate monitoring, and improved decision-making and response time for critical situations that involve numerous sources, mechanisms and applications.

Local Electricity Distribution

Since electric utility control rooms are high-pressure environments with a myriad of integrated technologies and volumes of unpredictable data, our team applies their high level of technical expertise and quality assurance processes to build dependable solutions that actually streamline operator workflow.

Vistacom approaches design for local electric utility companies with the understanding that every region’s electrical power distribution system has a distinct set of operating standards. With a careful needs assessment, we effectively ingest and centralize real-time information from disparate sources and networks so that control room operators can view content more efficiently, share it faster and make better decisions.

Oil & Gas Production & Distribution

Whether it’s monitoring pipelines, production facilities, drilling operations, midstream storage, refining or transport logistics, oil and gas operators rely on dynamic visibility of real-time data for optimal performance and mission-critical oversight. Our integration team has experience working with supervisors, consultants and engineers to design control rooms that produce easy-to-use networked visualization, provide intuitive and ergonomic workspaces and strengthen the overall integrity of day-to-day operations.

Water Distribution & Management

Today, the demands on the water supply system continue to increase, putting pressure on distribution and wastewater management facilities. To assist decision-makers and operators alike, Vistacom works to design centralized control rooms that optimize operational efficiency and integrate the technology needed for 24/7 management of distribution and sewerage networks. By aligning the technology with day-to-day operator workflow, we transform these environments into centers that offer business continuity, risk management and crisis response.

Industrial Processes

Over the past decade, the improvement in efficiencies and the ROI that industrial complexes and manufacturers have seen from centralizing control room operations have been fundamentally shifting the market landscape. More integrated and highly networked centers serve as focal points and allow industrial companies to get far more from less by converging previously siloed units of operation. From monitoring system processes to controlling machinery, we deploy industrial control rooms that make visualizing complex networks of data less overwhelming and expand situational awareness from operators to all stakeholders.

Telecommunication Networks

Monitoring and maintaining network transmissions and telecommunication infrastructure requires a visual solution suitable for dynamic image processing and an easy-to-use interface for command and control. We enable enterprises to gain full visibility of their networks, users and servers with control rooms that are configured to visualize exactly what operators need to see and boost productivity with user-centric display, audio and console workstation design.

Emergency & Utility Operations Centers

Vistacom understands the specific needs of companies in utility services and critical infrastructure sectors. Combined with our expertise in security and emergency management, our teams are positioned to design mission-critical environments that are following a noticeable trend. Flexible utility control rooms that are equipped to serve as emergency operations centers are changing the way many utility companies and local governments work together to manage crises.

With the capabilities of a central facility that can modulate for emergency functions, operators, key officials and field personnel are able to collaborate, collect real-time information and efficiently coordinate the best possible response to protect infrastructure and keep people safe.

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