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Integrating Value Between Passengers & Operators

For many transportation centers, the passenger’s journey is a top priority. This focus has broadened in the last few years to more than simply providing travelers with the information they need. Transit hubs know that the modern passenger experience rests on numerous requirements, including safety, security, entertainment, navigation and updated information in real time.

Vistacom understands the unique audiovisual applications throughout the diverse facilities of transportation authorities. Treading the same water, but deeper into transit operations, our control room team has proof of performance integrating the visualization and workspace technology needed to enhance transportation command and control.

Transportation Operations Centers

A central part of improving operations for transportation agencies, DOTs and traffic management teams is implementing a better way to harness numerous types of transit data and visualize it in a meaningful way. Vistacom makes networked visualization and communication solutions a reality for forward-thinking transit authorities to expand situational awareness and future-proof operational efficiency.

We thoughtfully design mission-critical workspaces and integrate live cameras and monitoring data from a variety of endpoints, including highways, metro stations, subway lines, bus routes and commuter rail lines into a central transit control nerve center for optimized visualization. Our engineers and technicians take the time to understand an authority’s particular concept of operations, operator workflow, protocols for incident management and decision-making, how to share information efficiently with outside stakeholders and all critical third-party data sources that need to be ingested into the system.

Airport Operations Control Centers

At an airport, operational decisions are dependent on accessing the right information and the collaboration of many key actors. Vistacom’s control room experts work to catapult collaborative decision-making plans into action by converging all functional areas into a central control center. Designed to improve operations and enhance situational awareness for both daily work and during emergency events, we bring command and control into a single location, centralizing all necessary visuals and real-time data into the ideal workspace arrangements for operators.

Whether it’s input from surveillance cameras, air traffic control, flight information systems, airfield maintenance, live weather feeds, security updates and access control, baggage status and passenger movement, check-in and boarding information and even police/911 dispatch, we effectively create unified visualization with integrations between disparate airport IT and communications systems.

Shipping Port Control Centers

It’s hard to ignore the considerable surge in the number of ship movements over the past few years. Shipping ports and harbors increasingly rely on limited staff and vessel traffic operators to ensure the safe and effective coordination of ships, not only to avoid collisions or mishaps, but also to oversee all vessel logistics, manage maintenance and communicate with third-party and government agencies.

Vistacom streamlines operations in port control centers by integrating all mission-critical data and communication technologies. We assimilate visual data from radar, forecasting and traffic management systems, nautical charts, maps, weather, and Coast Guard updates onto video walls and operator displays. What’s more, our engineers ensure that important audio from radio and communications with outside agents and terminal operators is properly configured in the control room for easy and optimized usability.

Logistics & Fleet Operations Centers

From global logistics operations in the manufacturing sector to the management of aircraft, ships and vehicles for a wide range of commercial businesses, a strategic operations center can be the difference between smooth and safe transport and a supply chain disaster. The ROI for these operations centers is two-fold: fleet and logistics managers will ensure the safety of field operators, and they will greatly improve their overall ability to achieve business goals and boost their bottom-line.

Through the centralized command and control of a Logistics Operations Center, managers and operations teams can collect and analyze streamlined data to help minimize risk, increase productivity, enforce critical policies and procedures and safeguard assets, vehicles, passengers and employees.

Digital Signage

With state-of-the-art display technologies, Vistacom deploys digital signage that enables transportation hubs to keep patrons entertained and in the loop with bright and clear wayfinding and impactful artwork—not to mention generating revenue with contemporary and attention-grabbing advertising real estate. We bring the digital signage technology of the next generation to ports, stations, public gathering areas and a wide variety of key stops on your passengers’ journey to facilitate navigation, infotainment and communicating strategic visual content that improves the overall traveling experience.

Information Display Systems

Specialized information display systems for transit authorities, such as FIDS or PIDS, are essentially what has shifted the traveling experience into the modern age of digital transformation. These display systems are at the heart of any metro station, bus terminal or airport. Vistacom helps improve the passenger experience at any transportation hub by integrating these networked visual displays.

With modular, real-time content presented on clear and reliable screens that are hand-selected for specific applications, travel frustrations are lifted, foot traffic concerns are eliminated and transit operation managers will benefit from increased overall efficiency when digital signage easily communicates updates and travel information throughout the facility.

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