Command a Proactive Posture by Visualizing the Right Data

Strengthening Operations to Protect What Really Matters

When it comes to mission-critical control room design, Vistacom Control Room Solutions works with you to invest in something that adds value to your enterprise for the long run. Data-driven security is a reality that requires the seamless integration of a wide range of internal and external sources, including disparate technologies, communication devices and information systems.

Vistacom’s industry experts create the ideal operational spaces for security teams. We empower your operators with sophisticated video walls and displays, reliable data processing technologies, user-focused space design and ergonomic console workstations to maximize productivity, optimize situational awareness, focus on high-priority incidents and make better decisions.

Security Operations Centers

Vistacom integrates the technology and workflow solutions in SOCs to establish a robust and highly capable 24/7 physical security posture. Our control room specialists understand that organizations have varying needs when it comes to designing and upgrading security operations centers. Informed by all aspects of your operational space and security management strategy, we create centralized units that allow organizations to visualize critical information, assess ongoing incidents and stop threats before they happen or as they unfold.

Cybersecurity Operations Centers

Data protection, risk management and monitoring for potential cybercrime throughout your organization’s entire IT infrastructure is crucial. In today’s economy, protecting your business operations against interference by cyber threat actors doesn’t happen without empowering highly skilled teams. We effectively bring your cybersecurity experts together in a centralized location where they can focus and collaborate in real-time as cyberspace data is generated and threat intelligence insights are gathered. With properly integrated visualization technologies and workflow solutions, you can build a more resilient information security posture and gain deeper visibility into the cyber threat landscape.

Network Operations Centers

While your cybersecurity teams focus on monitoring and preventing threats, a NOC functions as the control center steering the ship. Vistacom’s engineers and technicians cut their teeth by designing and integrating NOCs, laying the groundwork for today’s innovative integrations that unify software troubleshooting tools and corporate hardware with state-of-the-art processing and display technologies.

The key to building more resilient networks involves equipping management and technical operators with the necessary workflow tools to mitigate potential disruptions, respond to network component failures, and more easily resolve enterprise-wide issues or system outages.

Emergency Operations Centers

The nature of an emergency prompts urgent response. With the capabilities of a central facility such as an Emergency Operations Center, operators, key officials and field personnel can collect real-time information and efficiently coordinate the best possible response to protect infrastructure and keep people safe. Our control room experts design environments with strategically integrated technologies needed to visualize and coordinate data and resources that support emergency management and improve response times.

Global Security Operations Centers

There’s a looming inefficiency that large, more dispersed organizations and growing corporations are contending with: the gap between physical and IT security. Vistacom has been on the forefront of designing GSOCs that successfully converge the traditionally siloed operations of cyber, network and physical security.

We have a robust track record of implementing intelligent control centers that bring a variety of systems and solutions together to provide a singular operational picture, mitigate both physical and cyber threats and streamline mission-critical communications. When data monitoring, threat assessment and security response relies on collaboration and proactive teamwork between physical and IT security operations, we integrate the most important pieces for centralized functionality.

Situation & War Rooms

Where the stakeholders and decision-makers gather, collaborate and problem-solve, Situation and War Rooms create environments that encourage critical thinking, deep discussion, real-time investigation and identifying important next steps when it matters most. From analyzing intelligence to crisis support to urgent video conferencing, Vistacom designs these breakout areas with the data assimilation and communication technologies needed to collaborate with centralized command, effectively handle situations of importance, confidentially prevent disasters or evade tragic events of magnitude.

Vistacom SecureView™

When it comes to viewing content in a mission-critical environment, some solutions may not be budget friendly. Vistacom has designed a unique solution that is affordable, reliable, and capable of withstanding the rigorous demands of security operations across industries.

Vistacom SecureView™ is an all-in-one video wall solution that provides organizations the ability to ingest data from numerous sources and view multiple types of content on a common operational picture. An overview video wall, data processor and ergonomic console provides operators with a highly affordable solution that combines multiple data feeds into a single system, creates a more simplified workflow and still delivers situational awareness that intelligent command centers require.

Vistacom can help take your technology to the next level.

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