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Transforming How You Conduct Service

At the heart of Vistacom’s rise in the audiovisual industry was the opportunity to work closely with clergy and community leaders to design and integrate custom technology solutions for service and church productions. We have proof of performance creating more impactful and immersive experiences for congregations of all faiths and empowering houses of worship to attract more faithful followers. In our view, it goes beyond providing AV equipment; we bring impeccable sound, presentation and conferencing technology to advance worship and make your services unforgettable.

Live Streaming

Reaching everyone in a congregation or making service and events more accessible requires a professional-grade system for live streaming. Houses of worship, small and large, increasingly use video streaming solutions as a tool for boosting engagement, sharing information, promoting services and affording new and old members alike the opportunity to take part regardless of distance or travel restrictions.

Vistacom expertly integrates your audio system with broadcast cameras, providing churches, synagogues, temples or mosques of all denominations a live streaming technology infrastructure that’s tailored to specific environments and becomes an extension of dedicated clergy and worship leaders.

Integrated Audiovisual Systems

In both our local Lehigh Valley houses of worship and beyond, our design engineers and technicians have experience delivering audio, video and presentation systems in both traditional architectural spaces and more contemporary environments. We take a consultative approach in order to design systems that allow your congregation to see clearly and hear with precision. By applying our expertise in room acoustics and engineering high-quality, user-friendly display integrations, you’ll discover what it means to transform worship into a modern, captivating experience.

Large Format Display Technology

Whether it’s projection or LED, working with Vistacom ensures that your congregation has a superior viewing experience. We work with your religious leaders and IT managers to integrate your AV system with impactful displays at the center of worship spaces along with distributed ancillary displays for a comprehensive visual effect. And on top of that, one of the most important aspects of installing audiovisual technology in many houses of worship is designing systems with aesthetics in mind while also preserving hallmark historical architecture.

Sound Reinforcement Systems

Shouldn’t live worship be easy to hear no matter where you are in the space? Achieving high-quality sound throughout any house of worship requires a sound reinforcement system specifically designed to amplify and distribute a wide range of audio—from congregational singing to speech at the lectern to the evolving use of teleconferencing.

Vistacom works with religious and community leaders to properly upgrade sound systems and ensure audio enhancements actually improve service and are easy to use. We promise; there’s nothing like an audio upgrade to get your members to sing along.

Digital Signage

Bring your people together from the moment they walk through the door and enter the worship space. With digital signage strategically implemented by Vistacom, you’ll realize the power of connecting communities through visual communications. Imagine highlighting church news, events, schedules, recognitions or important updates in a modern, cutting-edge way that engages your members. Digital signage can take on the form and size of diverse display types and configurations, allowing you to put a bright and powerful spotlight on information and expand its visibility throughout your organization.

Acoustical Consulting, Testing & Engineering

Thoughts of “if we could just build a better church” or “how can we just hear more clearly” are all too common in houses of worship. Acoustics in these environments are far more complex than other projects. When done right and with a forward-thinking approach, you’ll likely get rid of those troublesome thoughts and not have to reevaluate for a long time.

Vistacom has the experience and expertise to provide complete acoustical reports. Our engineering team can proactively address acoustical issues to maximize the performance of your spaces, which is especially important in large venues with potentially high reverberance. As a one-stop-shop, we have the testing tools and software to accurately assess the acoustical condition of a space, recommend remediation or treatment to render the room more useful, and also facilitate the installation of that treatment and tune the audio system for optimal performance.

Vistacom can help take your technology to the next level.

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