Improve the Learning Experience Through Enhanced Collaboration

Designing Classrooms for the Future of Teaching

The new and robust capabilities of flexible video conferencing and virtual classroom technology are changing the way educators and students connect. Enriched learning experiences in today’s education landscape are made possible on campus, online, and in a hybrid format with state-of-the-art collaboration systems. Vistacom integrates forward-thinking audiovisual classroom technologies that impress potential students, aid teachers with practical solutions and future-proof your institution’s facilities.

BYOD & Collaboration Tools

As education rapidly evolves, so must the tools and technology that support the learning environment. Sharing content from any device and collaborating is incredibly fast and easy with wireless presentation solutions, while large interactive touch-screen displays provide yet another added layer of innovative instructional technology.

Advanced Teaching & Training Solutions

Advanced technology solutions that integrate specific capabilities with curriculum and student engagement in mind are critical to empower teachers to take innovative approaches to maximizing student success. Unlock the ability to teach with high-quality interactions enabled by intuitive, flexible and seamless technology.

Recording, Streaming & Archiving

With the recent advancements in recording and streaming technology, staying connected to students is easier than ever whether teaching in real time or asynchronously. With lecture capture and media technology, live presentations and recordings are delivered in high resolution with interoperability to your learning management system of choice.

Remote & Hybrid Video Conferencing

As education institutions continue to adopt the HyFlex model as a way of future-proofing their classrooms, high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use video conferencing technology becomes a critical component to the teaching and learning experience. With access to a wide variety of best-in-class and affordable options, Vistacom can recommend the right technology for your unique application.

Specialized Classrooms

Don’t let stale technology hold back the immersive environment required in specialized classrooms. From interactive touch solutions to 3-D presentation technology, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a space that fosters collaboration and maximized engagement.

Vistacom can help take your technology to the next level.

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