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Nowhere is the integration of AV and IT systems more vital and complex than in the world of healthcare. Because of the ever-evolving challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations, modern patient care relies on a diverse set of enhanced connectivity needs that are secure and HIPPA compliant. Practitioners need solutions that deliver the existing functionalities they have come to rely on, but also provide additional layers of advanced staff support, reduce response time, improve patient safety, streamline communications, and enable virtual care and consults.

Proudly collaborating on and successfully deploying cutting-edge corporate and clinical AV solutions for decades, Vistacom continues to take the necessary steps to implement highly networked and human-centric technologies to improve patient services for the future.

Telemedicine & Virtual Care

Just like unified communications and hybrid meetings in the workplace, telemedicine makes it possible for the patient, doctor and medical staff to connect remotely. By leveraging modern software tools, powerful video conferencing platforms, custom programming, and bespoke audiovisual technology integrations that provide real-time patient data via secure integrations with medical peripherals and legacy equipment, Vistacom helps healthcare facilities broaden their clinical reach and ensure continuity of care.

We also have a proven track record in deploying effective mobile telemedicine and diagnostic carts that make networked, high-quality remote health services available to patients even if their rooms haven’t been outfitted with AV hardware or video conferencing components.

Meeting & Consultation Rooms

Beyond providing seamless interaction and virtual care, we understand that implementing reliable telehealth solutions needs to encompass a variety of non-clinical operations. Vistacom can set up the ideal technology infrastructure to centralize critical health information, unify all communications and converge workflow support tools.

Our healthcare technology experts work directly with IT teams and health administrators to deploy easy-to-use and compliant solutions that drive staff development and engagement, facilitate administrative meetings and bring people together for high-priority consultations. Just as the latest video conferencing systems have virtually erased the miles between providers and patients, Vistacom’s unified collaboration solutions and consultation spaces enable physicians to remotely meet with specialists and administrators to discuss and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Patient Monitoring

Careworkers need technology that will assist them in observing patients who are characterized by a wide range of risk profiles without having to compromise on quality care or increase staff on the floor. Vistacom’s patient monitoring solutions allow healthcare facilities to uphold patient safety as the number one priority while also increasing cost-effectiveness. Industrial-grade components provide high-definition over-watch with detailed patient inspection capability and ensure that there are virtually no blind spots.

Integrated Rooms

For many facilities, providing medical personnel with a better-equipped AV infrastructure for more diligent care involves establishing fixed video monitoring systems. These long-term solutions can easily be integrated into a variety of acute care settings and wherever continuous patient observation is needed. Hospitals and health systems will be able to rely on real-time data and alerts, professional-grade video and two-way audio so the observer can improve their response by vocally engaging with the patient when needed, and the patient can respond without having to touch anything.

Portable Solutions

Vistacom’s portable patient monitoring carts have become a highly sought-after solution for healthcare environments where the need to observe patients may shift from day to day. These remote monitoring carts give healthworkers the versatility to move reliable patient observation to different rooms and spaces in order to optimize patient oversight and staff allocation. As an industry leader in providing portable patient monitoring, Vistacom’s solutions are proven-effective observation tools designed specifically to interoperate with Epic Software and meet requirements for various healthcare settings.

Remote ICUs

Vistacom works with healthcare facilities to ensure that all patient monitoring video data and supporting audiovisual systems are integrated into a centralized hub. We enable intensivists and critical-care nurses to monitor patients in various locations and easily communicate with not just patients whenever intervention is necessary, but also with outside doctors, nurses and families in the patient’s room.

Central to Vistacom’s remote ICUs is the synchronization of AV systems with any number of telehealth platforms that support proactive interventions and comprehensive monitoring of patients. Remote ICUs aggregate medical records, vital signs and other device-driven data in a centralized viewing experience coupled with the power of video monitoring and two-way interactive audio that enable intensivists to be part of the solution when problems arise.

Healthcare Command Centers

There’s a growing need for healthcare organizations to implement intelligent command centers, or healthcare security operations centers. It’s a critical operational component—one that has the potential to ingest data from numerous sources, not just patient monitoring systems—and leads to a resilient, responsive healthcare ecosystem.

Vistacom optimizes command and control so that medical personnel and operators can better visualize critical data and manage patient decision support. We integrate existing security management technologies such as access control, infant tracking alarms, intrusion detection, fire and alarm systems, emergency dispatch and video surveillance. And, our control room technicians take facilities into the next generation of safety and efficiency by designing command center environments for 24/7 operations with ergonomic technical furniture. We seamlessly integrate large overview video walls and intelligent processing capable of visualizing real-time video and tracking data—including the number of beds available, patient wait times and the inventory and allocation of PPE and other medical supplies, just to name a few.

Digital Signage Systems

Creating exceptional patient experiences is part of any healthcare center’s mission. Entering a new facility can be unnerving for both patients and visitors. Vistacom deploys scalable digital signage solutions to ensure that the moment someone walks through the entrance they have an anxiety-reducing experience and can effortlessly navigate to their destination.

With a network of easily managed digital displays, you can go above and beyond for patients, visitors and staff. Our digital signage solutions run the gamut, including digital wayfinding, patient information displays that allow them to take an active role in their care, impressive interactive visuals and games, strategic marketing and advertising, expedited check-in and appointment notifications, health and wellness updates, emergency information, and a whole lot more.

Collaboration & Education Spaces

Practice makes perfect. The quality expectation of medical training continues to rise, creating the demand for enhanced learning that breaks the mold and transcends clinical practices. Modern advancements in AV technology have proven to not only expand the scope and reach of curriculum, but also provide immersive ways of becoming proficient in medical procedures, processes and the use of important equipment.

To keep medical staff up to speed, technology-driven education and training spaces are key. The same can be said for collaboration environments that many healthcare organizations need to inspire creativity and spur innovation for new programs, procedures, telehealth improvements and care initiatives. We merge unified collaboration technologies with advanced interactive capabilities that accommodate multiple simultaneous users for sharing of content, video, apps and more.

Simulation Labs

Prepare medical staff for real-life situations in a simulation lab, equipped with 3D visualization, virtual simulation or augmented reality technologies to further practice skills, gain hands-on experience without the real-world consequences, and refine advanced techniques to improve patient care.

Implementing a state-of-the-art medical simulation lab is beneficial for both new students and staff as well as experienced residents and physicians. Vistacom’s engineers and technicians stay on the pulse of these next-gen medical simulation technologies because we know they make an impact; we strive to design cutting-edge learning environments that help provide new and valuable learning opportunities for practitioners at all levels to develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence.

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