Redefining Institutions from Historical to Highly Capable

Propelling Departments and Agencies into the Next Generation

Local, state, and national government entities are rapidly catching up to their private sector counterparts, introducing long overdue opportunities to modernize operations and the delivery of essential services.

Vistacom serves as a partner for growth and adoption of the latest technologies to help institutions reimagine communication, collaboration and access to important information with reliable and user-friendly audiovisual systems. Whether in a local courthouse or 911 dispatch center, secure AV integrations can function as a scalable growth strategy and effectively enable local, state and federal officials to increase the efficient performance of mission-critical tasks.

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Courtroom Video Conferencing

Simply put, video conferencing technology has proven to be an effective way for courts to connect parties who might otherwise be unavailable, are a safety concern or have limited means to travel. With video conferencing likely a staple in courtrooms for years to come, Vistacom understands the unique requirements of judicial environments and the need for dependable and easy-to-use technology that meets the strenuous demands of U.S. court systems.

Remote Witness Testimony
& Interviews

The widespread approval of court guidelines on the use of video conferencing technology that allow remote appearances and testimonies is fundamentally advancing how courts are gathering witness testimony and enabling witnesses to sit in on evidentiary hearings. Vistacom works directly with court officials to create seamless environments in which all participants feel as though the individual “on the witness stand” is sitting right there in the courtroom. This approach is particularly practical for testimony from experts, social workers, or even children who may be busy or would benefit from a more low-pressure interaction.

Video Arraignment
& Preliminary Hearings

Safely transporting a defendant from a secure environment to a courthouse requires specialized transportation and security details that can strain resources and rack up costs. With video arraignment and virtual visitation technology solutions, not only are these costly security measures no longer required, but security risks are substantially minimized. Vistacom deploys both portable and fully integrated unified conferencing solutions that make it easy for all types of court hearings to benefit from a mix of remote and in-court appearances.

Virtual Courtrooms

Entirely virtual courtrooms have moved from a contingency to commonplace, becoming necessary for federal, state and local judiciaries to support equal access to justice within a courtroom environment. Our team has worked hand-in-hand with court officials to establish tech-enabled operating procedures and the video conferencing infrastructure needed to support 100% virtual proceedings, where the judge can effectively preside over all parties, witnesses and participants.

Integrated Courtroom Audio

Many existing courtrooms rely on outdated equipment that was installed decades ago. Vistacom has a depth of experience in designing, refining and expertly integrating cost-effective audio systems that modernize courts and improve proceedings.

We’re acutely familiar with today’s growing need to integrate courtrooms with digital recordings and intelligible audio and video conferencing in addition to strategically implemented microphone and speaker systems, including audio integrations at the jury box to empower foremen and forewomen. Our technicians know that one of your key objectives is to foster a feeling of natural conversation that allows people to speak normally and be heard clearly by all parties.

Evidence Presentation Systems

By leveraging a properly integrated evidence presentation system, lawyers, court officials and all parties involved benefit from higher-quality evidence, better viewing of remote testimony, detailed exhibits and a more thorough trial with significantly increased comprehension and retention. We implement the right commercial-grade presentation monitors at the bench, courtroom deputy table, witness box, counsel tables and jury box while also providing clear viewing from the courtroom gallery.

What’s more, modern technology provides the flexibility needed to easily present different types of evidence and information – wirelessly or wired – in various formats, such as digital documents, images and screenshots, camera footage, web browsers, maps, virtual mockups or even 3D visualization. Modern annotation monitors allow witnesses on the stand and even presenting counsel at their lecterns to markup items displayed on the screen and emphasize key points for further explanation. The right solutions also allow a deputy, clerk or administrator to easily capture and store annotations for official court records.

Courtroom Control Systems

Our design teams and programmers provide courtroom officials with state-of-the-art control panels and customized interfaces. With easy and centralized control of evidence presentation, ancillary displays and monitors, mics, speakers, audio and video conferencing, cameras and the entire audiovisual ecosystem, Vistacom integrates courtroom AV solutions that are actually designed for the participants and for specific court processes.

Control panels not only allow users to leverage the technology more pragmatically, but they can also provide judges with secondary override controls for all peripherals, assisting with redacting presentations, private viewing, removing inadmissible digital evidence, muting for side-bar conversations, and general control over all proceedings.

Breakout & Deliberation Rooms

A jury trial doesn’t stay confined to the courtroom. Deliberation rooms provide the space for jurors to discuss and come to a verdict. Vistacom’s design engineers consider the fact that these environments need to be comfortable to minimize stress while incorporating security measures to ensure everyone’s safety and the utmost confidentiality. We implement professional-grade display technology that can be configured to show the evidence presentations, admissible exhibits and other relevant information from the trial.

For council and other permitted parties, breakout rooms are often used by the court to provide “side rooms” where a smaller number of participants can confer in a more private setting and without interrupting ongoing proceedings. It’s important that areas be equipped with high-quality display technology in addition to unified audio and video conferencing—especially when court officials need to utilize these rooms as traditional conference rooms or for administrative meetings.

Command & Control Centers

Government agencies have a duty to protect the public. As such, Vistacom works with federal, state and local entities to design command and control center layouts. Not only do we supply mission-critical technology and equipment, but we also integrate, connect and synchronize the equipment within existing networks and in compliance with cybersecurity protocols.

A well-coordinated response and emergency management hinges on an operator’s decision. Our control room design team specializes in ingesting all necessary data into a common operating picture for superior situational awareness and to support the effective coordination with key government officials, transit authorities, public works, city managers, police, or first responders.

Public Safety Emergency Communications

Vistacom has worked with many local public safety departments and seen how the stress of constantly managing emergencies takes a toll on 911 dispatchers. We take the time to understand workflow demands and develop command centers that streamline operations and improve productivity with ergonomic solutions.

By seamlessly assimilating communications technology and mission-critical data at both operator workstations and on overview video walls, we empower dispatchers with centralized command to do the heroic work of answering emergency calls, assessing live incidents, providing life-saving emergency interventions, communicating critical information and coordinating dispatch efforts.

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