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Creating High Impact with Extraordinary Audiovisual

Entertainment venues and hospitality businesses rely on technology in an increasingly connected world. When customers expect one-of-a-kind experiences, Vistacom helps facilities go from lackluster and obsolete to spectacular and tech-driven. We work to help reimagine spaces of any size and deliver creative, cost-effective audiovisual solutions that not only provide next-level performance sound and technology, but also generate pleasure and excitement in hospitality and entertainment environments. Vistacom understands the technical nuances of acoustics, lighting and video, and the effect that all three combined can have on the look and feel of a space — as well as customer satisfaction.


At the intersection of gaming, entertainment and technology, casinos face the unique challenge of creating a high-energy atmosphere and keeping game-players constantly engaged. Vistacom’s design and technology specialists take an innovative approach to integrating audiovisual systems in these lively environments.

By deploying cutting-edge display technologies, audio distribution and media streaming powered by tried-and-true products, we are able to transform casinos with a diversified array of dynamic audio and video experiences combined with the ability to easily control the entire AV casino ecosystem.

Digital Signage

From hotel lobbies and welcome spaces to stadium walkways and public areas, digital signage gives you the creative opportunities to display stunning and engaging custom content. Provide wayfinding, enhance marketing, cement branding and communicate important information for your event, facility or business. To establish a comprehensive network of enterprise communications, Vistacom integrates high-quality, leading-edge and easily scalable digital display technologies that impress your visitors and amplify messaging.

Ballrooms & Event Spaces

Visitors who have an unforgettable experience, with hassle-free technology and no audiovisual failures, are always more likely to return. The value of a hotel ballroom or event space is centered on the ability to meet the diverse needs of customers and users from different backgrounds. Therefore, flexibility is key for audiovisual systems in these multi-purpose spaces.


Creating new ways to enthrall and immerse visitors while still educating them is a core objective of many museums. Audiovisual technologies are playing a lead role in these interactive spaces. Our team enhances the visitor experience by working with museum directors to move away from the traditional exhibit space and explore creative AV applications that bring visitors inside their subjects and narratives.

Stadiums & Arenas

Our team understands the increasing emphasis being put on the quality of audiovisual experiences throughout stadiums and arenas. These vast, highly-networked spaces have unique acoustical considerations and visual display requirements. We carefully design venue audiovisual systems to ensure optimal routing, signal processing, unified IPTV and state-of-the-art display configurations.

Our extensive experience working with architects, consultants and venue owners allows us to avoid costly installation mistakes and overcome challenging project dimensions to ensure the highest quality event audio, live streaming video and dazzling visuals at-scale.

Auditoriums & Gymnasiums

You shouldn’t have to trade impressive, modern audiovisual technology in auditoriums and gymnasiums for reliability. Our engineers, technicians and programmers form a dedicated team that focuses on usability and a consistent audiovisual experience for your audiences. We take into account lighting and acoustics, expertly implementing all technology hardware and components to be seamlessly integrated into your AV/IT infrastructure.

Virtual Receptionist

The modern customer experience is one that involves technology assistance. Utilizing fixed or portable touchscreen displays, greeting guests and providing business-critical services can now happen from anywhere in the world. Vistacom has seen virtual receptionist, or virtual concierge, technology help hospitality enterprises and other companies cut costs while also improving their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We integrate digital touchscreens in welcome spaces, strategic points-of-service or high-traffic areas that have the power to directly support and assist your visitors via live video, a virtual helpdesk or a custom interface. You can better allocate staff, and also create a next-gen, unparalleled experience.


Promise your guests a unique and exciting experience by delivering engaging media wherever and whenever you need. Vistacom implements end-to-end IPTV solutions, delivering live TV and multimedia streaming over your existing network. Regardless of your video display wishlist or the scale at which your devices are distributed, we have proof of performance in overcoming integration obstacles, helping enterprises accommodate future growth with a limitless media system and offering the potential to boost revenue.

Vistacom can help take your technology to the next level.

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