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Making Everyday Collaboration Effortless

With the integration of end-to-end AV systems, designed exactly for how your teams collaborate and communicate, national and global businesses will boost efficiency across departments and locations. Vistacom’s experts dedicate the time to realistically expand your organization’s digital connectivity, creating practical technology solutions for everyday business operations.

Through thoughtful design, consultation and professional installation, we focus on improving the way your business communicates internally and externally with more agile, flexible and easy-to-use work spaces. Working with us doesn’t just result in modernized meeting and hybrid collaboration solutions; Vistacom works towards standardizing operations in a scalable way and ensures that your buildings have consistency in room design.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Our Certified Technology Specialists understand that today’s conferencing systems must meet the unique audio, video and control demands of a wide variety of spaces, ranging from personal desktop solutions to multifaceted boardroom or executive meeting rooms. We help tailor your conferencing setup to particular workflow and operational needs for your essential business functions.

We select the latest professional-grade microphones, speakers, intelligent conferencing cameras and high-performing displays to ensure that your integrated solutions—from simple to complex—deliver on functionality and purpose.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Future-proofing meetings and workspaces in today’s business landscape requires an inclusive approach to technology. It involves combining all your communications platforms and AV technologies to more efficiently connect your people, eliminate the restrictions of location, and share information in more collaborative ways. Unified communications and collaboration solutions should put your people first and make connecting employees in and out of the office much more efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

Vistacom unifies and integrates everything from messaging and file sharing to video conferencing and productivity tools, enabling people to work and connect without bounds. Our teams have a depth of knowledge in helping companies overcome enterprise interoperability challenges and are certified in supporting a wide range of platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, GoTo, and RingCentral.

BYOD & Wireless Connectivity

A surefire method to boost your workforce’s engagement and productivity, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models offer the ability to connect personal-use devices in collaboration spaces. With BYOD enterprise environments, employees are empowered to use laptops, tablets and even phones to share important content, collaborate in real-time and present to small or large groups in a much more natural and efficient way.

Increased flexibility and mobility can result in higher productivity and a happier workforce. Vistacom works with you to implement wireless presentation and conferencing solutions to ensure your network remains secure and your data protected with the added benefit of reducing IT costs in the long run and the hassle of managing an array of business-owned devices.

Interactive Digital Whiteboarding

Enabling creativity and a natural exchange of ideas in the workplace cannot be overlooked. Thanks to recent advancements in digital whiteboarding technology, virtual and hybrid meetings can benefit from the same visual tools that help teams connect ideas and solve problems in person.

From equations to diagrams to annotations, sketches and blueprints, sometimes a visual canvas is needed for a team to share notes and engage in a more interactive discussion. Digital whiteboarding facilitates real-time collaboration between in-person and remote workers, serving as a dynamic visual reference with user-friendly features that streamline business processes and invite organic brainstorming and experimentation.

Presentation & Training Rooms

Imagine creating the ideal environment to present to your audience or train your employees. Vistacom facilitates a unique learning and presentation experience that benefits all participants. We know your business leaders, presenters, and users alike often need to more effectively explain the details of important topics and business developments, which means large format and high-quality display solutions are crucial.

By integrating audiovisual systems tailored to more expansive presentation spaces, we make it easier for your people and guests to get started and be heard no matter where they are in the room while also allowing attendees to clearly see, understand, and interact.

Experience & Innovation Centers

We want to help tell your story. Because we put in the work to understand your corporate brand, your business workflow and how you innovate, we bring experience and advanced collaboration centers to life with immersive audiovisual displays and communication technologies that foster creative thinking.

These customized environments have the power to both develop and showcase your company’s innovations for internal purposes, dynamic user experiences, demonstrations for executives and stakeholders, or as a dedicated center to impress customers and business partners.

Corporate Digital Signage

So many companies are seeking out how to more effectively distribute enterprise-wide communications along with customer-facing digital content. Vistacom works to make sure you have the best first impression and clear corporate communications with modern digital signage.

From LED to interactive video walls, Vistacom can find the perfect aesthetic and digital signage installation to match your brand, business operations, goals and message. We integrate next-generation display technology that has the power to refine your communications strategy and deliver a one-of-a-kind visual experience.

Broadcast Studios & Live Streaming

Enable your staff, clients and business community to stay informed, updated and be entertained with live broadcasts and streaming for those who are working remotely or simply cannot attend in person. For everything from corporate events to important meetings, Vistacom thoughtfully designs multifunctional, highly versatile and feature-rich broadcast production environments and live streaming solutions.

Whether your teams need broadcast solutions to achieve studio-quality productions, or more flexible and mobile solutions that allow you to create a webcast from virtually anywhere, we transform your space into user-friendly environments that help you deliver professional live presentations, engaging webinars and buzzworthy virtual events.

Vistacom can help take your technology to the next level.

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