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Lehigh Valley Health Network: Fitness Destination Center

As One City Center transforms downtown Allentown, Lehigh Valley Health Network continues to help transform the health and well-being of
people throughout the region with their new, 17,000-square-foot LVHN Fitness location at One City Center. LVHN Fitness includes a full array
of cardiovascular and weight-training equipment, along with numerous group classes.
The Center also offers massage services, personal training, a state-of-the-art multisport
simulator and sports performance programming. Vistacom worked with the hospital to
integrate the multitude of digital signage displays that fill the space, offering information
to visitors in very well-thought out locations. “ The screens were placed to provide the
most bang for the buck,” stated Vistacom senior sales representative Rich Mullen. “It can
be very noisy and chaotic at times and so by displaying important information on the
signs you are eliminating a huge part of the communication challenge.” Vistacom went with Samsung ME-C Series displays for the slim bezel
design and high brightness and contrast, perfect for maximum impact messaging. Another key
component to the system is the AMX NI-3100 NetLinx Integrated Controller. This device has the
ability to integrate and control a wide variety of components specifically for technology-driven
environments like the Fitness Center. Vistacom also created a touch panel design for the AMX
Modero that incorporates video switching, audio control and device control which is simple to
use and eliminated the need for multiple remote controls that can be complicated and easy to
lose. The result is an effective way to display relevant content, appropriately almost anywhere
on their premises. “ The Center displays information on class scheduling, promotions, safety reminders as well as additional health and well-being
tips,” stated Mullen. “It is a very effective way to communicate in this type of environment. “ The use of digital signage at One City Center delivers
added value by aligning the active lifestyle of their patrons with information on
how to enhance their fitness level, as well as supplying an entertainment source
of programming during their workout session. “It is a win-win for everyone,” said