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Lancaster General Hospital: Video Is King

Lancaster General Hospital is the keystone of the Lancaster General Health system, a not-for-profit network of more than two dozen providers located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The winner of numerous national and local awards, the health system's mission is to advance the health and well-being of the communities they serve. The last several years have seen a whirlwind of activity on the technical front as Lancaster General Hospital planned, budgeted, and began to implement a multi phase technology systems project, turning its attention to the introduction of new functionality. One part of the project was the implementation of a digital signage platform. The hospital wanted to integrate a system that would allow for the growth and expansion that is always on the horizon. They chose X2O as their operating system. "The hospital wanted signage to cover a variety of areas," stated Doug Burrell senior account manager at Vistacom. "They are currently utilizing inward and outward signage meaning it is visible in the lobbies, highly trafficked walkways, and individual doctors offices, but it is also located in separate areas for staff information." X2O has the ability to provide a multi-channel, enterprise-wide network spread over many locations. The hospital is currently running 38 displays with the intention of adding to that number in their waiting rooms and urgent care facility. The challenge with this project came when the hospital wanted not only single screens for their signage, but also clusters of two, three and four screens. "It is definitely not something we see every day" stated Burrell. "There is always the chance that the aspect ratio will be off, or the content will be distorted. But we were able to make it work, and that is the important thing."