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Heading Up the HD Conversion

Founded in B. Braun has delivered innovative health care products, services and educational programs since 1839, so it was no surprise that they were one of the first of our partners to upgrade their existing Executive conference facility to a Hi-Definition (HD) presentation space.

The technology in the room has received a complete over-haul. A new, ceiling mounted, electric, 16:9 format screen was installed which still supports standard- definition 4:3 source material. A dual lamp DLP video projector was added along with a unified remote control system which allows control of all system functions as well as lighting, shade and blind control from a single user interface.

The conference facility has also been upgraded to include an HD video conferencing system. This enables HD video information to be exchanged with a compatible far end site but will also adapt for the exchange of standard definition video information. The one stumbling block for the Vistacom team was setting up the room for audio. "The building fronts on a busy highway and the corner room has windows on two sides," stated Andrew Quinn, Vistacom account executive. "Due to the ambient noise, ceiling mics for conferencing were ruled out." The seating arrangement needed to be flexible, which also eliminated permanent table mics. Instead, the engineers decided on wireless, encrypted boundary microphones which could be placed anywhere in the room while being secure enough for use without fear of conversation being picked up by an unauthorized source. Two wall-mounted HD video cameras were also added in the upgrade. One camera is mounted in the front of the room to cover the seating area. A second camera is located at the rear of the room to cover the actions of the presenter. Both cameras are equipped with remote-controlled pan/tilt/zoom function so that camera shots can be changed to adapt to a dynamic presentation environment.