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The Future of Communication

One of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions recently looked to Vistacom to design and install a complex communication suite for use in a multitude of daily company activities. Working in collaboration with consultant Hewshott International, Vistacom created several technology driven spaces that fit the level at which an industry leading facility was used to working. Great care was taken to understand the client, and let their workflow drive the design of the technology systems. The end result is a combination of both aesthetics and hi-tech functionality. Day to day operations at the firm have become a reflection of the powerful technology at the company’s disposal. The centerpiece of the system provided by Vistacom was a state of the art broadcast studio, serving as the origination point of on air interviews with the client’s portfolio management experts, featured almost nightly on CNN, FOX Money, CNBC and the like. Broadcasts are acquired in a spacious studio proper and leverage the simple but amazingly powerful Videolink system. Broadcast studio functionality can be locally or remotely controlled, and can go live on air, even if an engineer is not present. The space is multifunctional and is capable of producing a rich 3 camera shoot, which is the basis for investor relations assets, marketing assets, corporate communications, and is the launch point of global town hall meetings and webcasts. Guests can be brought in over telephone or video conference. Shoots can involve outside production commentary. Any and all assets can be recorded, repurposed in any format, streamed, and archived. The studio stands as an example of how a careful design has rendered a highly versatile, feature rich broadcast production environment, implemented at an aggressive budget point with a very attractive ROI.