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Coordinated Health Services

The Centers at Coordinated Health are committed to delivering exceptional health care and related services to their patients, employer clients, and affiliated schools in their local communities. Their team of highly trained physicians, physical therapists, surgeons, occupational therapists, and certified athletic trainers strive to return patients to their pre-treatment condition as quickly and safely as possible.

Coordinated Health Services and Vistacom Inc worked together to complete the addition of audio-visual technology in a variety of spaces within their new office building. The spaces are used primarily for weekly meetings, training seminars and presentations. The fully equipped presentation spaces include high-powered projectors with HD capability, touch panel control, high quality sound reinforcement as well as recording functionality.

"We worked as true partners throughout each phase of this project," stated Bill Brucker, Vistacom Project Manager. "The client was involved in all phases, from the upfront discovery process for the control system programming, to the mock-up and proof of concept demonstrations before the systems were even deployed." The result is a system that the client is truly happy with, and that provides their employees and clients with the latest cutting edge audio-visual experience.