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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission: Rebuilding a Network

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike, referred to as “America’s First Super Highway,” officially entered service October 1, 1940, exhibiting new concepts of roadway design and demonstrating that revenue bonds could finance toll roads. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) was created in 1937 to construct, finance, operate, and maintain the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The PA Turnpike recently relocated into a new control center that houses various operators, administrative personnel, and common conferencing spaces.

These facilities are critical to the management and overall communication of information throughout the organization. Vistacom developed a variety of systems that can be used for these purposes within the command center, conference room, offices, and other common spaces. The PA Turnpike Command Center is outfitted with a variety of displays that are tied to the central video management system.

Any of the designated computers within the command center or any designated video signals can be shown in any combination on these displays. Operators have the ability to accurately view camera feeds in an organized manner from the east coast to the west, allowing their operators and mangers to share a “common operational picture” so that they can make decisions and respond in a timely manner during any type of situation. There are a variety of high quality LED cubes and flat screens distributed throughout the command center, offices, and some common areas. These are configured so that each user can view the necessary information respective to their group. Special care has been taken to utilize products and technologies that are robust and specifically manufactured for 24/7 operations.

All of the rooms tie into a centrally based video management system. This robust system can take all forms of both video and data and deliver this information across a common network platform with both high quality and high reliability. All of the rooms and systems can be easily controlled and managed by non-technical staff by virtue of the well designed simple user interfaces.

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