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Limitless Expansion

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Vistacom worked with a large, east coast company to design and implement a true network distribution system for the company’s corporate broadcasts and digital signage system.

“The magic is in the distribution system of the content. In reality we built a 100+ Channel HD Enterprise Television System that spanned the entire corporate campus.,” stated John Bilodeau, applications engineer for Vistacom.

Our design offered considerable flexibility, scalability and overall ease of use.

“Our design offered considerable flexibility, scalability and overall ease of use. Any source, whether it originates from a Digital Signage Player, Blu Ray DVD player or other, can be routed to any monitor or group of monitors via this IP based distribution system. There is no degradation of the origination signal and the routing occurs almost instantaneously.”

One of the key aspects of the final design is the use of the voLANte system by Southern Vision Systems, Inc. “The beauty of it all is the use of ‘off-theshelf’ network hardware and technology instead of expensive proprietary devices,” stated Bob Sharp, Director of Sales and Marketing for SVSi. “The topology of the project required high-capacity fiber connections from building to building while still allowing for low-cost CAT5 cabling within each individual building. Because voLANte conforms to standard data network protocols we were able to specify economical Dell network switches with 10GB switch-to-switch interlinks.”

Another unique aspect of voLANte is that control and switching of the video matrix can be achieved ‘virtually’ without the need for a physical crossbar switcher. The system also provides for limitless expansion with no obsolescence of any equipment as the installation grows to accommodate future needs. With the installation of such a dynamic infrastructure, this company now has the ability to route many other signals across its campus and into any room – including satellite television, CEO and executive presentations, even celebrity Chef cooking the upgrade. One camera is mounted in the front of the room to cover the seating area. A second camera is located at the rear of the room to cover the actions of the presenter. Both cameras are equipped with remote-controlled pan/tilt/zoom function so that camera shots can be changed to adapt to a dynamic presentation environment.

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