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Horsemanship4Life Academy: Training at the Next Level

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The Horsemanship4Life Academy (H4L) located in Cape May New Jersey, is focused on providing students with all the information and tools they need to learn and connect with other horse lovers who share the same passion.

The farm is home to, an online academy for all disciplines. The core of their academy is to create flexible learning opportunities and allow students to learn at their own pace. The unique facility houses a 100×200 indoor arena with an indoor 50 foot round pen. Outside training areas include a 180 foot honey comb and a full track around the pastures for canter work as well as jumps for event training in a controlled environment.

H4L recently contracted with Vistacom to integrate professional recording equipment to capture clinics, lessons, and practice sessions which are uploaded to the internet for those that are members of The instructors also have the ability to edit the material once captured from the four cameras in the arena. This system allows for streaming footage, editing of footage, storing files, controlling cameras from the studio, and being able to access the cameras remotely.

Vistacom’s approach was simply innovation.

“When the Horsemanship 4 Life Academy came to us, they had one simple requirement – a multi-camera acquisition of the most renowned horse trainers, edited down to a deliverable that brought the finest in equestrian training to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world,” stated Carl James, design engineer for Vistacom, Inc.

“Vistacom’s approach was simply innovation. We wanted to design a ruggedized toolset for a semi-hostile environment consisting of Hollywood grade camera motion control, broadcast spec signal connectivity and switching, and a full featured encoding, streaming, and archiving back end”. When we came up with this idea and concept of putting a video studio into our equine arena for our online academy, no one could understand how that was possible, it has never been done before. ” stated Jason Zulli, Professor at Horsemanship 4 Life Academy.

“Vistacom took that challenge and succeeded in all aspects when no other companies could.”

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Horsemanship4Life Academy: Training at the Next Level

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