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Going Beyond AV at the LVHN Center for Healthcare Education

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The launch of a new building is an exciting endeavor, especially when it aims to provide premier educational facilities for a leading healthcare network like Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN). Vistacom, a trusted technology partner, played a pivotal role in the design and implementation of LVHN’s newest facility.

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Partnering in the AV Design Phase

Vistacom’s partnership with LVHN dates back several years, establishing a strong foundation of trust and collaboration. When LVHN embarked on the design phase of their new facility, Vistacom was fortunate to be brought in to understand the vision of Dr. Baracco and the staff. Vistacom’s design team engaged with LVHN to gain insights into their current and future needs, ensuring that the technology infrastructure aligned with their educational goals. This early involvement set the stage for a successful collaboration throughout the project.

Integrating Future State Technology

Recognizing the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements, LVHN and Vistacom emphasized the integration of future state technology into the new facility. They understood that a resilient infrastructure capable of accommodating innovative solutions would be crucial for addressing future challenges and promoting a culture of innovation in medical education.

Empowering Learners with Interconnected and Advanced Spaces

The new facility aimed to provide a wide variety of high-quality learning spaces for students and staff that go beyond traditional AV classroom integrations. Vistacom worked closely with LVHN to establish seamless interconnectivity and practical technology deployments within the building. This involved advanced applications, such as simulation spaces with AV recording tied to software, enabling students to practice medical procedures while receiving real-time feedback. Vistacom’s expertise and guidance in leveraging technology for training purposes contributed to the creation of immersive and effective learning experiences.

The numerous spaces and AV applications that required meticulous coordination, planning and adaptability in execution of the technology integration include:

  • Simulation labs and exam rooms integrated with live AV recording, monitoring and paging systems
  • Control room spaces for student observation and live interaction during simulations and exams
  • Master control room monitoring AV technologies and activity from the majority of the facility
  • Patient debrief rooms for learner simulation review and meetings
  • Auditorium with 9’x32’ direct view LED video wall, event audio and sound mixer, speaker system, BYOD wireless presenting and integrated AV conferencing
  • Computer labs for charting and online-based training and instructor presentations with AV conferencing
  • Lobby interactive video walls with touch and dynamic media control
  • Wayfinding and digital signage displays
  • Staff lounges and learner lounge collaboration spaces
  • Boardroom and conference rooms with wireless presentation, auto-framing AV conferencing and tabletop touch room control
  • Instructor recording studio fully equipped for distributed learning curriculum creators
  • Large divisible classrooms and standard classrooms with wireless presentation and AV conferencing
  • Multipurpose areas and learning center for wireless student collaboration, meetings with AV conferencing and content sharing, and for special eating and social events
  • Room scheduling panels with room statuses and occupancy sensors
  • Remote monitoring, AV technology maintenance, service and support

Adaptability for Evolving Needs

LVHN and Vistacom recognized the importance of adaptability in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Lessons learned from the pandemic emphasized the need to be prepared for future challenges and uncertainties. Therefore, the new facility was designed to accommodate evolving technology needs. Vistacom played a crucial role in sharing industry insights and presenting a range of options, allowing LVHN to make informed decisions on implementing the most suitable solutions. This flexibility ensures that educators can leverage the latest tools and technology to deliver the best possible education.

Achieving Excellence in Education

The successful launch of LVHN’s newest building is a testament to the collaborative efforts. The completed facility is not only visually impressive, but also provides an environment where educators can thrive and deliver exceptional education in ways that meet today’s students where they are. Whether it’s clinical employees, students, or nursing students from partnering institutions, all learners will benefit from the outstanding learning experience fostered by this cutting-edge facility.

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