Why Web Conference?

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By Lianna Russell on Apr 03, 2017

It’s not a trend. Travel is out and virtual meetings are in. Companies are widespread operations, with distributed workforces, worldwide clients, and round-the-clock customer support. When the workday ends in one part of the world, it’s just beginning on another.

Cubicles are being traded for remote offices, mobile workplaces, and virtual rooms. As travel budgets continue to shrink, the need to work collaboratively with global teams continues to amplify. This is where web conferencing comes into play. Web conferencing offers organizations the power to reach people, share information, collaborate and stay connected with global, virtual teams—anytime, anywhere. Here are 5 reasons why your company should embrace web conferencing now:

Spend less on travel

The biggest selling point for adopting Web conferencing is the ability to slash an array of major travel expenses, including airline, car rental, dining and accommodation costs. The technology also spares companies from lost productivity as employees don’t lose work time moving from place to place.

Extend your company’s reach

It is a challenging business environment and web conferencing helps organizations work with new customers in more distant markets augmenting sagging local and regional sales. At a relatively modest price, the technology provides a powerful and persuasive sales tool that allows conference participants worldwide to interact; deliver or view presentations; swap documents and files; and perform a variety of other meeting tasks as quickly and effectively as if everyone were sitting in the same room.

Enhance customer satisfaction

We all want happy customers. Client satisfaction and retention is becoming an increasingly important business goal. Web conferencing helps keep customers happy by providing personalized sales, training and technical support —when the client needs it. All at the same quality level regardless of the distances involved.

Speed project completion

Discussions and planning are key to all business projects, yet we have all experienced important initiatives dragging on without resolution. In-person meetings are scheduled, canceled and rescheduled, and important participants miss vital information due to other commitments. By eliminating scheduling conflicts and enabling participants to replay past meetings and distribute documents at any time, projects can be planned, approved and set into motion faster.

Close deals faster

Web conferences tend to be more productive than in-person meetings, where key stakeholders may be unavailable to make important decisions. Busy executives have fewer reasons to miss a virtual meeting, since the event is literally delivered to their office. This means that agreements can often be finalized on the spot, rather than delaying action until a missing decision-maker finally signs off on the deal.

Web conferencing has forever transformed the way organizations do business. You can bring together people from across the hall, or across the globe. You can help ensure that your company continues to operate even when weather (what nor’easter?), traffic, or natural disasters prevent you or your employees from getting safely to work. Web conferencing and web collaboration help you stay connected, stay in business, and stay on top of your game.

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