Vistacom’s Patient Video Monitoring Solutions Are Transforming Healthcare

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By Joshua Herring on Nov 21, 2023

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The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving across the country thanks to the emergence of Patient Video Monitoring technology. What was once considered a “nice to have” addition to healthcare facilities has become a critical necessity. Now, cutting-edge audiovisual integrations are leading the charge to reshape patient care nationwide.

The significance of patient video monitoring is underscored by compelling statistics: in advanced ICU applications, like those at the Advanced Intensive Care Unit at Lehigh Valley Health Network, the implementation of remote video patient monitoring has led to a 6.1% absolute reduction and a 30% relative reduction in mortality. That equates to potentially saving one patient’s life for every 15 patients attended by using these technologies! It’s staggering. 

Vistacom’s monitoring technology stands as a crucial element in enhancing patient outcomes and setting new standards in healthcare efficiency, whether your facility is in Philadelphia or beyond. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Understanding Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient video monitoring is a method of healthcare delivery that utilizes the latest technology advancements to monitor patients remotely without reducing care efficacy or increasing facility staffing. 

Patient monitoring is particularly beneficial for managing chronic conditions, post-operative care, behavioral health patients, and ICU environments. By marrying advanced audiovisual integrations with clinical healthcare applications, patient experiences become more efficient and cost-effective without sacrificing care outcomes.

Pioneering Solutions in Patient Video Monitoring

Patient monitoring systems redefine healthcare efficiency. Systems can incorporate a wide range of monitoring tools, such as two-way audio and video communication, real-time viewing for room security, and monitoring mechanical equipment like ventilators and the patient’s vital signs. 

Here are a few monitoring solutions that have become a new standard for bedside care:

Patient Monitoring Carts

  • Ideal for environments where observation needs shift from day to day
  • Portable rolling carts move from room to room
  • Directly interface with Epic Software
  • HIPAA-compliant 
  • PTZ camera with 30x optical zoom leaves virtually no visual blindspots
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Integrated loudspeaker and directional microphone
  • PoE or uninterruptible power supply options

Fixed Monitoring Systems

  • Long-term solution for acute care and continuous observation settings
  • Vocally engage with patients via two-way audio and video without requiring physical touchpoints
  • Directly interface with Epic Software
  • HIPAA-compliant 
  • Flush-mount microphone for clear audio pickup
  • Two-way ceiling tile speaker with included power amplifier
  • HD PTZ camera with 30x optical zoom for detailed overwatch and patient inspection

The Impact on LVHN’s AICU

A shining example of Vistacom’s impact is seen in our collaboration with Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Tele-ICU program. Specifically, we worked with their Advanced Intensive Care Unit (AICU). Take a look at this video to discover how critical care nurses and intensivists can now monitor over 100 patients each night. Remote monitoring capabilities have revolutionized patient care with a more proactive and responsive approach to critical care.

The Future of Patient Video Monitoring

The U.S. stands to benefit significantly from the widespread adoption of monitoring. By incorporating leading-edge solutions, healthcare facilities will enhance patient care while paving the way for a more efficient and technologically advanced healthcare ecosystem. This type of exciting integration directly affects the future of patients’ well-being.

This is truly a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery. Vistacom’s role in this shift lies in helping medical personnel provide a better-planned AV infrastructure for today’s highest-quality care.

Ready to revolutionize patient care? We are ready to serve you, whether you are in Philadelphia, D.C., or beyond. Contact our team here to get started!

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