Vistacom Takes 2020 Tech Expo Virtual

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By Joshua Herring on Jul 01, 2020

Vistacom has taken its annual Tech Expo totally virtual for the first time ever with a four-part webinar series that showcases the latest AV industry trends. Transitioning to an online platform has allowed Vistacom to maintain its commitment to delivering important AV technology trends and updates to a worldwide audience.

The first webinar, “Implementing Hybrid Technology Solutions for a Seamless Education Experience,” kicks off at 2 p.m. EDT on July 9 with an interactive panel of industry experts discussing how educational institutions can combat the uncertainty of in-person learning with strategic, flexible and cost-effective classroom technology. It’s become clear that there are a few emerging themes beginning to shape what the next school year looks like and what role the AV market will play.

With many college campuses working to solidify their plans to reopen in the fall, nearly 8% are choosing to forego in-person classes altogether while others are contemplating a more hybrid approach. No matter the approach, it is clear that technology will be playing an even larger part in education before the end of 2020. Lafayette College CIO John O’Keefe will join Vistacom’s experts in discussing how a seamlessly connected classroom AV solution can (and should) immerse and engage remote participants, rather than isolate.

The remaining webinars include:

With a heightened need for virtual accommodations and increased awareness during this transitionary period, Vistacom’s webinar series is designed to help businesses and organizations choose solutions, make decisions and institute technology that offers a greater chance of adapting to the current climate. The panelists in each webinar will help answer the question: how should business leaders reassess, reconfigure and, possibly, reinvent their companies to adapt to the disruption and prepare for the new normal?

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