Vistacom Introduces New “Help Portal” to Help You Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

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By Lianna Russell on Dec 10, 2020

As we return to the office, forward-thinking businesses are looking at ways to continually become more efficient in the new economy. Business continuity and scalability are more important than ever – with an emphasis on remote communication and tech support as the world becomes increasingly digital post-pandemic. So, what is our solution to this digital transformation? Enter: Vistacom Help Portal.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention — and with the Vistacom Help Portal, it’s no different. Long gone are the days when a phone call was acceptable as the only option to reach a support team. More than ever, customers have the need for speed – they want faster response times, and their problems resolved quickly. The Vistacom Help Portal provides multiple ways for you to contact us for help, i.e. online chat, video and phone call, allowing our team to truly be an extension of yours.

Introducing this new capability to the Vistacom Service Department was, in part, established with the help of Teleportivity. Teleportivity is an enterprise cloud solution that helps organizations scale, push and pull their best resources wherever they’re required, while also providing a seamless customer experience. As companies continue to bring employees back to work, many are rethinking how to handle daily operations while keeping employees and customers safe by reducing potential exposure to illness. While in some cases, organizations have returned to some semblance of “normal,” many employers and their team members are still taking steps to avoid crowded spaces and limit face-to-face interaction — making remote support a necessity.

By utilizing Teleportivity, Vistacom is able to create and deploy unique QR Links that can be placed in any space or on any object, usually on a wall plaque in the space or directly on the room touch panel. By simply scanning through a mobile device (no app needed), each code directs users to its own unique, customized website designed to remedy the situation at hand. Each website is specific to the technology within the space including instant access to user manuals, quick start guides, room drawing and functional documentation, photos, etc. If the user needs additional support beyond what is provided in the documentation, the Vistacom Help Desk can be accessed through an audio or video call with the simple click of a button.

Initially, AV integrators implemented teleportivity as a tool to help troubleshoot and remotely support end user issues; and for good reason: 30 to 70% of help tickets are user error, but these issues can be quickly remedied if the tech can actually see the error. Service calls are historically unavoidable in the AV industry because the technology can be complex; and when an issue arises, it’s oftentimes not easily explained over the phone. Through the Vistacom Help Portal, we’re able to address the most common industry pain point: helping clients resolve issues, quickly and efficiently, even after a project is completed.

With the Vistacom Help Portal prioritizing the human connection with our end users, our customers can get the assistance they need, when they need it. By doing so, the Vistacom support team is able to have a presence — virtually — across all locations.

For more information about how the Vistacom Help Portal is utilizing teleportivity to better serve our clients, or for a quick demo, contact us today.

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