Vistacom Enables Command Center Self-Assembly with Pre-Configured Kit

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By Joshua Herring on Mar 01, 2022

Demand for mission-critical video walls and display systems is on the rise. Yet, for small and medium operations centers, too often complex technology integration ends up becoming a major operational and budgetary roadblock.

Decision-makers—spanning facilities managers, IT, operations officials and security integrators—require not only simplicity in the technology planning and design process, but also autonomy when it comes to the design or refurbishment of smaller, more siloed and localized centers.

Responding to these contemporary pain points and market feedback, our control room solutions team has designed, refined, built and packaged, what we believe, will empower operators to gather data, assess potential risks, and engage in intelligent, proactive response—right out of the box.

Introducing the New Vistacom SecureView™

Balancing highly capable and flexible technology with budget-friendly and conveniently packaged solutions, Vistacom SecureView™ provides operators with a single-pane-of-glass view of operations across their infrastructure and enables the seamless assimilation of data feeds while creating a more simplified workflow.

An all-in-one command center kit, Vistacom SecureView™ is the most straightforward and intuitive of its kind. It’s an affordable, pre-engineered video wall and display solution that makes easy self-assembly a reality for small and medium operations centers with best-in-class products, expert remote support and a number of factory-tested configurations to choose from.

“This simplified technology offering allows us to empower our customers and partners by putting them in the driver’s seat and removing the complexities associated with larger, more demanding integrations,” said Angela Nolan, Chief Executive Officer of Vistacom Inc.

All technology components are pre-configured and tested by Vistacom Control Room Solutions technicians at the factory prior to shipping, and sent to site with easy-to-follow guides and videos that effectively enable DIY installation by security integrators or end-users. It includes a two-year warranty with comprehensive remote support directly through the Vistacom Managed Services Team.

A Reliable, All-in-One Solution

Dan Gundry, Managing Director of Vistacom Control Room Solutions, celebrates the innovative and user-focused design configurations developed by the team for “thoughtfully selecting, engineering and packaging the most reliable visualization solution,” said Gundry. “Today’s security operations centers demand efficiency and intuitiveness to maintain an effective and intelligent security posture. Using vetted, best-in-class command center technology, we’ve been able to design a command center kit that enables operators to view real-time data in a single operational picture.”

Vistacom SecureView™ features a powerful video wall processor providing flexibility and superior performance in a small form factor, high-quality 24/7-rated displays in multiple sizes and configurations, a 10” tabletop touch panel with user-friendly interface, and convenience options including wall or floor mounting, audio system add-ons, and ergonomic sit/stand operator consoles.

At its core, it’s a foundational, yet scalable command center solution that delivers hassle-free situational awareness and streamlines operator decision-making.

Discover More & Connect with Our Team

See Vistacom SecureView™ in-person and learn more about Vistacom’s command center solutions Booth #1508 at the 2022 ASIS GSX Conference, being held September 12-14, in Atlanta.

Click here to find out more or schedule a meeting or demo with the Vistacom Control Room Solutions team.

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