Throw a Microphone

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By Joshua Herring on Nov 28, 2018

Throw a microphone? Yes, you can. And you will want to!

One of the issues with microphones has always been that they are sensitive and delicate. Sound engineers cringe when you drop one, blow in one or tap it too hard. Never mind what happens on some stages!

We have to use them for audience participation in sound systems, conferences and recording. So, what to do?

There is an answer: CatchBox

This wireless microphone comes in a patented soft & protected enclosure that is easy and fun to use. This is a light and throwable (within reason) microphone for any environment: Classes, training, business meetings or town halls, concerts, etc.

You can customize the cover with a corporate or school logo to give your event recognition during a presentation or recording. These units can be connected to simple streaming or podcasting gear or to a large system with many existing wireless microphones in a large auditorium system. You can use more than one if needed. Yes, they do use batteries, but so does your phone! Catchbox comes with needed charging accessories. Nothing else to buy.

Catchbox is changing the status quo, aiming to make events more of a dialogue than a lecture. When a game of catch with a microphone is involved, getting audiences to participate is easy! In a world where one-way information is instantaneously accessible through YouTube or Google, meetings, lectures, and conferences need to begin focusing on participation and engagement, not just information.

It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s transformative. Catchbox will take your meetings to the next level! Check out our Vistacom employees throwing the Catchbox microphone around our conference room on the Vistacom YouTube Channel.

Contact Vistacom today at 800-747-0459 and request a demo or order one (or ten) for your rooms today!

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