The Power of Lobby Digital Signage in Branding

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By Joshua Herring on Jul 23, 2018

You are a business and you are in the processes of working to grow. You have real value to offer all those you interact with. Your image and the perception of how you are viewed is important to your growth strategy. The architecture of your buildings is an extension of who you are. Today, the concept of integrating advanced digital signage into the lobby and entranceway as an integral part of experience is becoming fully formed. High quality digital displays of all sorts of shapes and sizes woven into the lobby design, do not just say welcome, they lift it up and shape an experience that imprints your identity. Form meets function, defined as it is both art and messaging. One moment you’re showing glorious imagery and the next, powerful words that cement who you are in the minds of all who enter.

You see, the science behind shaping perception is well-documented. When high tech is blended into its surroundings with carefully considered intention, it is no gimmick or distraction, it is a powerful tool. The perception of all who enter is directed and shaped, subliminally. It is an art to execute this in a fashion that formatively captivates without being overbearing eye candy, ensuring vision is consistent with identity. This is why it so important that the right professionals are engaged at inception. The shape and size of displays, the viewing angles, the feel of their impact, are all every bit as important as the ceiling height, color selections, and the wood trims invoked in a space. It is one singular impact, not an overlay or an afterthought and the technical execution must be as perfect as it is beautiful.

Do not underestimate the return on objective of a lobby that is capable of controlling mood and directing perception. People will not stand there and say to themselves “My, they did such an excellent job of marrying design and presentation here, their whole product or service offering must be this exceptional” – but subconsciously, they will embrace it. The set of expectations has had some control attached to it. Your people have been teed up for success. It takes a good architect to make this happen, so think about it up front. Seek out that rare talent that has a body of work that can serve as inspiration for something magical that accomplishes objectives.

Make a statement. Today. A welcome mat is simply not enough. You need to take command of every person coming through your door.

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