Take the Control Room on the Road: A Peek at What’s in Store for GSX 2019

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By Joshua Herring on Aug 13, 2019

“Experience Innovation.” The theme of this year’s Global Security Exchange (GSX) speaks to the Vistacom mission in a number of ways. GSX is known for bringing together a large international audience to share ideas, explore new trends and invest in solutions that drive the safety and security of today’s enterprise organizations forward. As part of this show, Vistacom will highlight some of its own innovations at Booth #1169, including:

Intelligent Command Center

We’re packing up a to-scale example of a command center for attendees to see in person (and experience) to see how it can benefit your enterprise organization. Complete with a video display wall and operator console equipment, you can see for yourself why now is the time to implement the intelligent command center in your organization.

War Rooms

In addition to the intelligent command center area, we’ll demonstrate how content can be shared with a War Room or related space. These spaces are an essential part of an organization’s overall security plan, allowing for a collaborative space to receive critical information in real-time. As part of the services Vistacom offers, war rooms top the list.

Operator Solutions

When creating a control room or operations center, lighting and technology is paramount, but many integrators forget about the comfort of the operators who must remain vigilant to help thwart potential threats. That’s why Vistacom has specialized in learning what operators need to make their workdays more comfortable to help keep them at the top of their game.

Consultative Design

Vistacom’s entire team is dedicated to providing the right technology solutions that fit your organization’s needs and budget. During GSX, members of the team will be on hand to discuss your organization’s pain points, concerns, technology challenges and discuss ways that AV technology and design can help improve your workflow and increase your responsiveness!

Remote Management

Today’s remote workforce and ever-changing business environments call for flexibility. And nothing says flexibility like the ability for security managers to remotely manage their systems from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Part of the Vistacom appeal is delivering this level of flexibility to customers based on their needs and the needs of the organization.

There are so many reasons for you to attend GSX this year: to share new ideas, gain a security education and experience innovation. Make sure Vistacom is on your schedule! GSX 2019 takes place Sept. 9-12, at McCormick Place in Chicago. Vistacom can be found at Booth #1169.

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