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By Joshua Herring on Feb 08, 2023

Are your meeting rooms facilitating productive hybrid meetings or quick-and-easy calls with remote participants? It can be a complex challenge to overcome, exacerbated by the fact that it’s too common for in-person attendees to appear separate as a distant cohesive group, whilst remote attendees feel like anonymous faces or struggle to be included in collaboration.

What’s more, as illustrated in a global survey conducted by our partner Pexip, 47% of business leaders from enterprises around the world stated that difficulties accessing and joining meetings is one of their major challenges in having valuable meetings.

Let’s be real; how many of us have scrambled to our meeting room only to fumble with cords, access details or disjointed technology—not totally understanding how to join via the meeting room device and feeling awkwardly stressed. In fact, you’d be surprised at the financial cost of poor meetings.

So, What is One-Touch Join?

One-touch join is a feature that combines convenience and simplicity, allowing users to join a video conference with a single tap or click, without the need to find the right plug, enter account details, sync a calendar, find meeting codes or access links. This feature is designed to make it easier and more expedient for users to join video meetings, and it can be especially useful for people who are new to video conferencing or who may not be comfortable with the nuances between unified collaboration technologies.

Video meeting room users can be empowered to join Microsoft Teams as well as the wide range of other cloud or application-based meeting platforms, such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx or Google Meet. One-touch join can typically be used in conjunction with other video conferencing capabilities, such as screen sharing, recording, and transcription. This can help make your calls more productive and efficient, as users can easily share information and collaborate in real-time.

Most commonly, and in its most convenient form, one-touch join can be configured to allow users to join a video conference with just a single click or touch. The process is incredibly simple, and you don’t have to worry about remembering meeting IDs, passwords or other access requirements. All you need is a video conferencing device with a camera and internet connection, and you can join the video conference with ease.

This feature is especially useful for remote teams and businesses that need to communicate regularly with a mixture of in-office attendees and remote or outside individuals. It eliminates the need to send out multiple emails and messages to schedule a meeting, which we all know can be absurdly time-consuming. With one-touch, you can quickly and easily join a meeting at the scheduled time, without any delays, often via a touch control panel or home screen.

The integrated touch panel provides rich controls that enable meeting participants to easily share content, adjust the camera, and change participant layouts—ideal for those who wish to set up meeting rooms with proven technology that’s easy-to-use, particularly for non-technical users.

Automatic Scheduling? Yes, Please.

Additionally, guided by Vistacom’s conferencing experts, video communication platforms can be streamlined and universally integrated with your organization’s calendar and schedules, enabling true one-click-and-go to launch meetings, particularly advantageous for busy team leaders, recurring meetings, and for companies that need real-time updates on their conference room usage and availability.

By scheduling a video call in the desired conference room through calendaring platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and Google, the meeting automatically displays on the touch panel in the conference room with a convenient ‘Join’ button.

This also makes the meeting experience consistent across all conference spaces, so user adoption is maximized, and users of the spaces aren’t surprised by new or different technology. That means IT and technical staff don’t have to get involved in every meeting; and it just works.

Plus, one-touch join is considered a network and information security investment. It ensures that only authorized individuals can join the meeting, which is crucial for businesses that need to keep their information confidential. You don’t have to worry about uninvited guests or, even worse, a determined cyber-terrorist or scammer.

Forget the Hassle

All in all, don’t sacrifice ease-of-use for anything. One-touch join is a convenient and user-friendly feature that can make video conferencing exceedingly simpler and more accessible for everyone. It can help reduce the barriers to entry for new users, and it can make video conferencing a more seamless and integrated part of daily work and communication—a game-changer for remote teams and businesses.

With its ability to automate the joining process, it eliminates the need for technical know-how and makes it easy for people to join a conference from anywhere, at any time. In a revived workforce that’s increasingly distributed and settling on hybrid formats, this feature has become essential for smooth and uninterrupted meetings.

Reach out today to discover how you can start launching meetings, joining and sharing in an instant, while keeping your focus and maximizing productivity.

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