Please Take Your Seat!

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By Joshua Herring on May 23, 2017

This month we take a look at a basic need and solution. Where do you sit?

In larger meeting and board rooms, we usually have a fixed table and chairs to sit on. Training rooms have rows of tables & chairs. The furniture layouts are pretty well defined. But what about the new “touchdown” huddle spaces?

Modern offices often prioritize cubicles and minimize closed office space. The huddle space is now the common area used by staff and vendors for ad hoc meetings or short term offices. No room for a big table here: maybe a couple chairs, WiFi & power to charge your phone and run a K-Cup machine. Don’t waste time walking back to your desk with your French roast and logging onto your laptop. Work needs to get done!

Inspire your employees to think outside of the cubicle, by actually getting them outside of the cubicle and into touchdown workspaces. You have to look at these areas and put on the propeller hat. Get outside of that box and think about what work you need to do there, and with whom. Remember that this space should feel comfortable and relaxed

We have had years of experience designing the best use of space for our partners. The limited square footage of a huddle room means not having to completely renovate the entire office. The typical room will have seating for four to five with durable work surfaces. We offer turnkey solutions that combine furniture with technology to help you convert these small spaces to collaboration centers. This can range from a table & basic flat panel to a Microsoft Hub or Cisco Spark Board. Include wired or wireless connections for any iOS or Android (or Windows/Mac OS) device. Display locally or across your WAN to desktops worldwide. GoogleHangouts to Office 365/Skype for Business to WebEx, let you manage all this technology from your phone (on a beach in Florida).

Give us a call and we will visit you & survey your spaces. Listen to what you need to get the job done, and provide the right balance of technology and a place to sit. Or stand.

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