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By Joshua Herring on Jan 29, 2020

When any business is investing in the improvement of workplace technology and communication solutions, it is important to maximize the investment, as well as realize the return. Where companies sometimes fall short in accomplishing this is when they employ reactive strategies to maintain and repair their systems. Not realizing an issue exists until an executive is ready to present, or most of your AV and IT teams spending their entire day running from conference room to conference room, are just a few examples of typical scenarios we come across often.

Companies all over the world- small, medium and enterprise-level- can find value in bringing a managed service provider (MSP) on board to assist with audiovisual (AV) operations. Unlike outsourcing, managed services providers work alongside a company (or client’s) existing team to offer operational and maintenance support. Most importantly, the proactive nature of a managed service provider’s responsibilities gives time back in your meetings, to your staff, and creates a discernable ROI on your investment.

Managed Services Reduces Risk by Providing Proactive Solutions

When utilizing any networked devices within an organization, regular updates and system checks are essential in identifying potential risks, which is why it is a good idea to choose an AV integrator that has a dedicated division built around this type of oversight. With a suite of proactive services, including real-time monitoring, and remote testing, diagnostics and operational corrections, managed service providers are able to eliminate threats before you even notice they are present.

Recently, F-Secure identified vulnerabilities in Barco ClickShare wireless presentation systems, but the company had an easy and fast fix: upgrading firmware to 1.9.1. While Barco was targeted in this case, the truth of the matter is that any system that connects to the internet is vulnerable; it’s how a company is set up to respond that’s really important. Vistacom was able to make the necessary upgrades for Barco users right away by remotely upgrading the firmware from the Vistacom Network Operations Center.

Managed Services Create Cost Savings

Selecting an integrator that offers managed services provides a second layer of technical support that can work alongside your company’s existing team or take on responsibility for your systems completely. Maintaining AV equipment requires a significant number of resources, with a high degree of specialization – a service technician, support/training specialist, designer/engineer and a control systems programmer for starters. Companies can find substantial cost savings opportunities by engaging managed services to assist with ongoing routine preventative maintenance activities, updates to touch panel layouts and even remote management of physical devices. By taking advantage of the Vistacom Help Desk and the Vistacom Network Operations Center, clients with a managed services contract not only have 24/7 access to our Service team, but Vistacom can also detect and correct issues with your system directly from our headquarters. This allows companies to reduce overhead and gives AV and IT teams valuable time back in their day.

Managed Services are Always There

Managed Services allow integrators to support their clients through real-time monitoring and scheduled testing. With error detection and notification, they become your eyes and ears, reacting to issues through remote diagnostics and repair before it becomes a concern for you. Forward-thinking AV integrators also will offer software and firmware management so that your system is always running at peak performance. Should you need a bit more assistance, some integrators also offer next-day or even same-day technician dispatch. Certified staff will evaluate the situation and either repair, exchange or replace the faulty equipment. These services are also available after-hours, on holidays and in the event of an emergency. Do you need help but not necessarily a site visit? The Vistacom Help Desk offers 24/7/365 telephone support and is staffed by a rotation of the same Service Technicians that support and visit our client’s sites and understand your location intricacies, systems and challenges.

Shifting the responsibility of your technology investments to a knowledgable team ensures you can instead focus on running your business at the highest level of efficiency – which is only possible when systems are operational. Learn more about Vistacom Managed Services here and contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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