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By Joshua Herring on Feb 19, 2015

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.”
– Walter Lippmann

Vistacom has been around for a long time. Sixty years is nothing to sneeze at. Most elephants live sixty years, and they have a lot of street cred in the jungle scene. Well, Vistacom has a lot of street cred in the AV scene. Over 700 years of experience in our combined staff. That is a lot of wisdom that we could be imparting on you, our valued reader.

A blog seemed like the perfect venue to share all of this tech savvy wisdom. We want this blog to be a mixed bag. You will see:

  • white hot trends
  • practical industry knowledge
  • tips from Vistacom’s amazing technical staff
  • guest blogs from our bevy of brilliant manufacturers

We might even have Jack Ferlino share some words every now and then. At 94 years young, he still stops in to the office on a weekly basis, keeping everyone in line and “stirring the pot”, as he likes to say. Speaking of wisdom, Jack’s picture should be next to the definition. He has watched this industry change from audio only, to virtual cloud. Vistacom has always believed that change is good. That is why we are still alive and kicking.

When Jack started this company in 1954, there was no such thing as a blog. The first blog didn’t make the scene until around 1994. Now there are over 156 million public blogs in existence. Make that 156 million and one. In Jack’s day, there was a fence that you shared information over. So consider this our fence. We have something to talk about. Stop by often. We are glad to see you!

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