Here’s Why You Should Consider an LED Video Wall

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By Joshua Herring on Jun 22, 2023

Large LED video wall display at LVNH Healthcare Education Auditorium with a woman standing below it

Plus, How to Determine the Ideal Setup for Your Needs

Enticing customers and clients is always at the forefront of any Philadelphia, PA, business owner’s mind, but have you thought of any exciting ways to do that? With LED video walls, you can encourage patrons to visit and stay longer with immersive video displays that add to the ambiance of their experience.

Sound exciting? Learn more about this compelling commercial AV solution that adds visibility and impact to your daily operations, regardless of your industry, in our blog below.

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What Is an LED Video Wall?

Imagine redefining any space and elevating someone’s experience with a visual masterpiece comprised of stunning ultra high resolution, seamless display screens set up and scaled to any size, shape or angle. For any corporate building or business office, that could be a variety of custom installations—from a captivating lobby environment with large-scale, fluid atmospheric visuals and information, to a collaboration meeting space with vibrant modes of visual communication creating a more immersive experience for everyone. Or, in education, it may be a hybrid classroom with a global student body attending a lecture with everyone’s video feed showing on the screen in real-life detail. 

Take a look at this LED video wall installation at the LVNH Center for Healthcare Education Auditorium: 

How to Find the Ideal Video Wall Solution

LED video walls are seamless digital canvases that add accessibility, immersion, and elevated visual impact to business operations, and it takes a professional’s expertise to design and install this invaluable commercial technology solution. Below, we go into a few details of what our team needs to consider when we partner with businesses like yours!

Find the Ideal Viewing Distance

The first step is determining the distance at which viewers will comfortably view the LED video wall. This can vary depending on the specific application and installation location. For example, if it’s a large-scale outdoor display, viewers are farther away than with an indoor display in a conference room or command center. Other factors, like the content displayed and the desired level of detail, may influence the viewing distance.

Determine the Pixel Pitch

Once we have the optimal viewing distance, we can use it to calculate the appropriate pixel pitch. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between adjacent pixels on an LED display. The general rule is that the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and detail of the display. However, a smaller pixel pitch also increases the cost and complexity of the video wall, so you’ll want to consider this in your budget and balance that with desired visual quality.

Consider the Viewing Angle

Another important factor to consider is the viewing angle. LED displays typically have a specified viewing angle range within which the image quality remains optimal. If the viewers will be viewing the display from extreme angles, you’ll likely need a narrower pixel pitch to maintain image quality across the entire viewing space.

Enlist Professional Expertise

Keep in mind that the guidelines provided above are general and will vary depending on the specific LED technology, panel quality, and content choices. It’s always a good idea to test and evaluate different pixel pitches and viewing distances in the actual environment where the LED video wall will be installed, and that’s where our years of tried-and-true in-field experiences with large-format digital signage like this are essential! Our team’s professional AV system design and installation will be suited specifically to your business needs, timeline, budget, and other specific requirements.

The Perfect Addition for Any Industry

Ultimately, a new LED video wall is the ultimate visual addition to any business. If you’d like to keep exploring what’s possible with this technology solution or brainstorm other unique solutions for your company, connect with our team here to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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