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By Joshua Herring on Jul 19, 2023

Understanding the Powerful Infrastructure Behind Beautiful Large Scale Displays

In a recent blog article, we wrote about the quickly evolving world of LED and LCD video wall technology being used in various industries, from higher education to healthcare and beyond. And while this innovation is stunning to look at, the back-end software of these systems is impressive as well, and dare we say, more important than the screens themselves.

Keep reading below to learn how the Vistacom Inc. team helps companies seamlessly blend innovative technology solutions with larger-than-life, striking visual masterpieces, otherwise known as digital signage.

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What Is Digital Signage?

The term “digital signage” encompasses the display technologies along with the software. Without powerful software capabilities, the ability to create impressive video walls, menus, wayfinding signs, interactive directories, and more is lost. Many institutions of varying sizes are looking for ways to impress patrons, wow guests, and amplify visitors’ experiences with technology. Digital signage makes it possible to do all of those things in a high-definition, large-format way!

Innovative media player options from BrightSign and T1V’s software solutions are just two of the powerful brand partnerships we utilize when designing and installing remarkable digital signage displays. Empowering end users with an intuitive and simple method of managing content, adding or removing user access, and controlling their media is at the heart of what we do because we understand the power and world-changing effects of technology. Pairing form and function for the sake of more beautiful spaces is possible thanks to digital signage technology.

The Digital Signage Experience 

For example, in the education field, hybrid video conferencing technology ensures every student can participate no matter where in the world they’re located. At the Center for Healthcare Education at the LVNH campus, we had the pleasure of collaborating on various digital signage projects. Picture a long LCD video wall at the building’s entrance (show below), making everyone’s jaws drop—from students to parents to faculty and visitors. Or imagine making your way through the maze of campus with museum-style interactivity, pressing and tapping through different maps and historical artifacts on digital displays. We worked extensively with our key technology partners to implement customized, interactive software with state-of-the-art display technology that not only promotes the LVHN brand and story, but also communicates more effectively with visitors, students and faculty. What’s more, it’s a forward-looking signage system for the LVHN enterprise that easily gives them the ability to manage and distribute digital content, like audio, video, and images, to a larger network.

Vistacom Inc. Brings It All Together

Our team has the joy of working alongside the many stakeholders involved in the digital signage installation process, from the end user to the back-end software providers and networking specialists. Whether it’s a retrofit or new construction integration, Vistacom Inc. ensures everyone is in-the-know about project details every step of the way. Not only are we coordinating with everyone, but we ensure the final digital signage display works effectively and efficiently as intended. We’ll also handle wiring, programming, and training so that every feature can be utilized to its ultimate potential. 

For all of your technology needs, Vistacom Inc. is here for you. Connect with our team here, or chat with us at the bottom of your screen to start a conversation about your upcoming project.

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