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By Joshua Herring on Jan 03, 2017

Schools are making use of a variety of new solutions and devices. From iPads to Chromebooks, new tech tools allow teachers and administrators to make teaching easier and more accessible to students.

Bring your own device (BYOD) classrooms allow students to use their own devices to connect with a teacher’s lesson materials, allowing students to explore subjects in entertaining ways by using the technology they already have.

Outside of the classroom, school administrators are also benefitting from technology. Videoconferencing makes possible global conversations about best practices in education, and this technology is offering more ways to communicate than ever before. Increasingly secure servers hold records, while technology can track trends, forecast budgets, monitor students, and more.

Streamline Systems by Engaging a Collaborative Systems Integrator

A systems integrator’s assistance can be an asset to your school’s IT system. Here are some of the benefits:

Complete integration

A good systems integrator does not simply consult with one part of the school staff. He or she will talk to everyone the new technology involves–teachers, administrators, and students. These consultations let systems integrators know what everyone needs and wants from the technology; they will then devise a solution that keeps all users as happy and productive as possible.

Fewer IT issues

Systems integrators are experts at making different IT solutions work together. Without them, the integration of different devices on various operating systems would likely create as many problems as it attempts to solve.

Better solutions to integration problems

A systems integrator’s main goal is to prevent IT problems before they happen, but they also work to solve them when they do occur. This is especially important in schools with BYOD classrooms, as each device could cause new issues.

Optimized workflow

Workflow across various school platforms can be complex. Each student or teacher who accesses, changes, uploads, downloads, or shares materials is one part of the entire process. Therefore, one of the systems integrator’s major tasks is to optimize the transfer of information.

A fresh perspective

As teachers work in the same classroom year after year, they can become set in their ways. Many will stick with familiar methods of teaching, but that will result in a stagnant classroom. Systems integrators bring in new and better tools to guide teachers out of their comfort zones while offering them the ability to teach more efficiently and effectively.

Not all systems integrators are created equal. Schools that want to use ever-changing technology need the assistance of a systems integrator who is well versed in current offerings as well as certified in collaborative technology. The right partner can make the adoption of new technology that much easier.

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