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By Joshua Herring on Jun 27, 2019

Today’s working conditions have evolved over the years, originating as traditional face-to-face office environments and transforming into global workforces tasked with bridging the gap across time zones and country lines and encouraging engagement. Collaboration has become a main goal of modern enterprises, and technology in various forms makes that possible.

With this rise in technology comes the ability for audiovisual integrators, like Vistacom, to work with strategic partners to align innovation and develop communication solutions that meet specific needs. Vistacom has therefore designated a specific sector of the business, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), for providing customers with the technology needed to truly achieve collaboration between teams. Whether it is audio or videoconferencing, data sharing over desktops or mobile devices, web sharing or voice applications, UC&C combines multiple products and platforms into a single, easy-to-use interface for real-time interaction.

Recently, Vistacom UC&C Product Manager Scot Smith took the next step in this quest by becoming an official Poly Badged Account Manager. This means that Scot clearly demonstrates his comprehensive understanding of the solutions that Poly (formerly Polycom) offers to customers. Scot exemplifies Vistacom’s value to provide recommendations for customers on solutions that will change the face of their businesses and team environments using solutions developed by Poly.

Offering technology that spans everything from small huddle spaces to conference rooms to large, immersive experiences, Poly provides end users with the ability to streamline communications between team members and beyond. Poly is the global communications company that powers authentic human connection and collaboration, finding new ways to inject personal cues into audio and video communication to replicate the face-to-face experience.

To truly understand the breadth of Poly solutions (and beyond), Vistacom has designed the Vistacom Experience Center in its Allentown, Pa., office, where users can come “test drive” Poly solutions in a hands-on environment. The UC&C Experience Center provides a place for clients to witness a truly effective and collaborative communication experience, demonstrating how interoperable UC systems can bridge the gap between corporate communications. In addition to Poly solutions, the center also features several other videoconferencing platforms including Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and more; wireless content sharing; collaboration tools; and multimedia phone solutions.

At the core of what Vistacom strives to do is deliver the best possible tools for today’s modern enterprises that encourage teamwork across geographic locations. The Vistacom staff, with an emphasis on professional development like Scot’s Poly certification, brings added value to the technical design and implementation of audiovisual solutions across an organization.

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