10 Reasons to Experience Vistacom Tech Expo 2021

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By Joshua Herring on Sep 07, 2021

Last year, the events we most looked forward to—from small gatherings to the biggest tradeshows of the year—were postponed, virtualized or canceled altogether.

We all navigated the challenges and were forced to adapt to a reality without in-person networking, relationship building, hands-on learning and meaningful, face-to-face interactions that result in long-lasting partnerships.

Now, with a better understanding of health and safety best practices, Vistacom is thrilled to be able to host our annual Tech Expo to showcase the latest advancements in AV, business communications and control room technology.

Here are 10 reasons why attending the Vistacom Tech Expo 2021 is an experience you won’t want to miss:

1. Recover Your Curiosity

Getting out of the office and immersing yourself in a lively environment with like-minded professionals will undoubtedly open your mind to fresh thoughts and innovative ideas.

2. See Emerging Technology

Visit with over 50 technology exhibitors to get the tools, insights and inspiration needed to take your technology deployments to the next level. The annual Vistacom Tech Expo highlights the latest innovations from a variety of our technology partners, all focused on helping you rebuild your technology footprint for the future of your business.

3. Premium Education

Listen to industry thought leaders and technology influencers on the pulse of digital transformation. Over 12 breakout educational sessions will leave you better informed on how to more effectively communicate, visualize your organization’s critical data, and reimagine the way you use technology to foster collaboration in our new normal.

4. Live Demonstrations

Vistacom and our valued technology partners will demonstrate the functionality and reveal the practical use cases of some of today’s most innovative solutions.

5. Pick the Brains of Experts

If you feel like your wheel of ideas or your company’s breadth of expertise is a bit stale, imagine being able to ask deeply challenging and thought-provoking questions from the technology pioneers themselves. And quite frankly, attending the Tech Expo is an ideal way to get quick, specific and timely answers to all of your questions.

6. Valuable Networking

Attendees will have the chance to meet with professionals from all kinds of backgrounds to learn more about today’s most pressing technology issues. What’s more, networking with peers, business counterparts and plenty of new faces while experiencing the same event makes it easier to meet and start conversations. Oh, and with free breakfast, lunch and cocktails—why not join and take the chance to socialize?

7. Win Prizes

Prizes, prizes, and more prizes! No, seriously, just by registering for the 2021 Tech Expo, you automatically get entered to win a few different items; and this year, we have some exciting and unique offerings. There’s also a fun game that guarantees you a high-quality giveaway, and it’s easy to complete!

8. Share on Social Media

In addition to meeting new people and having those meaningful interactions, posting what you see, experience and learn at the Tech Expo on social media is an effective way to advance your reach to other connections and strengthen your personal-professional brand.


9. Brainstorm and Transform

One of the biggest takeaways of the show is the sharing of new ideas and ways of thinking for how to optimize your business operations and refresh technology for the modern-day workforce. Don’t just listen to the educational presentations; pay close attention, let it linger, and allow yourself to reimagine your technology ecosystem.

10. Have Fun!

Life has been hard—and rather isolated. Work has been irregular—and lacking in-person connections. In planning the Vistacom Tech Expo 2021, we know this and have created opportunities to enjoy some time face-to-face, whether it’s networking meals, show floor hours, exhibitor demos, cocktail receptions, etc.

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