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The Value of a UC Integrator


Unified communications (UC) systems are rising to meet the challenge of communicating across far-spread businesses. Creating a UC system requires knowledge of a broad variety of communication technologies: voice, video, email, text, data, and more. Integrating one into a business’s infrastructure and organization requires in-depth education into the abilities of such a system. If a business attempts to adopt a UC system without a proper specialist, this may result in a waste of time and money.


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By Destiny Heimbecker, Marketing Manager for Vistacom

Student safety is always a priority, but it becomes even more scrutinized whenever something tragic happens to shatter any sense of security the public may feel. Schools should be a safe haven. Increased incidents of violence, as well as other brawls, thefts, and safety issues show how much administrators need to do to keep their campus communities safe.


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By Destiny Heimbecker, Marketing Manager

It’s rare to find a millennial that isn’t glued to their smartphone. College students use mobile devices to socialize, keep in touch with parents, handle finances, and more. Using technology in the higher education classroom is a natural progression for this generation that clearly prefers to engage on digital platforms. As a result, professors have had to approach student engagement in a different way. Audiovisual (AV) technology plays a key role in connecting students and professors in creative and collaborative ways.


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By Destiny Heimbecker, Marketing Manager Vistacom, Inc.

Another Infocomm in the books! Between the Vistacom team that attended, we calculated we have been to just under 100 shows. That is a lot of walking.

Infocomm 2016 hit a record of 1000 exhibitors, with 38,833 attendees. It was a busy week, but here is what the highlights of the show were for us:

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By Destiny Heimbecker, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Vistacom Inc.

Businesses today operate in a global environment. To succeed, small and large organizations must think outside the box when it comes to communication. Video collaboration tools help individual team members, departments, and organizations maintain steady workflows across numerous office settings and time zones.


Work in a Brave New World


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