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In today's technologically advanced society, data is everywhere. Innovative security systems are continuously gathering endless pieces of information at a more rapid pace than ever before, typically funneling massive amounts of data into a control room or Security Operations Center (SOC) for analysis and response.

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In many security operations throughout a wide range of industries, a control room typically exists as the nerve center of the organization. Receiving endless amounts of information and data from numerous systems such as video, audio, access control and more, control room operators are often tasked with duties that are vital to the success and safety of the enterprise.

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At the center of an enterprise organization's security operation stands its nucleus, arguably one of the most important pieces for overall functionality and efficiency: a command center or Security Operations Center (SOC). A place where a variety of systems and solutions come together, the command center exists to provide a common operational picture, mitigate threats, and promote enhanced communication during an incident.

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Carl James, Advanced Collaboration Specialist

You are a business and you are in the processes of working to grow. You have real value to offer all those you interact with. Your image and the perception of how you are viewed is important to your growth strategy. The architecture of your buildings is an extension of who you are. Today, the concept of integrating advanced digital signage into the lobby and entranceway as an integral part of experience is becoming fully formed.

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Christie ScholarTech – exclusive pricing program for education display solutions

Here at Vistacom, we are always looking out for our partners. 2018 is here and we are reviewing all the great programs and savings options our manufacturers are offering. Is it time to upgrade your classroom technology? Did you know about Christie ScholarTech?

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