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Author: Jon Litt, Senior Manager, Networked Display Solutions, Christie



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By Dan Gundry, National Control Room Sales Manager, Vistacom, Inc. 

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month which is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. With changes in technology, content, and the workforce itself, it is important to assess our cyber and physical security operations on a regular basis.  Often overlooked, the Security Operations Center (SOC), aka the nucleus of our security response mechanism, is responsible for aggregating data, assessing that information, making informed decisions, and initiating response. 

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Guest Blogger: Kramer Electronics

While our industry is scrambling to keep up with the emergence of 4K and Ultra HD displays, there’s an even bigger tidal wave headed our way.

Let us explain. The rapid expansion of display panel manufacturing in Korea, Taiwan, and China has at times led to overcapacity – too many ‘fabs’ pushing out big sheets of display ‘mother glass’ that can then be cut up into much smaller pieces for everything from smart phones to televisions.

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By Destiny Heimbecker, Marketing Manager

Organizations of all sizes have turned to online collaboration and communication tools to get their employees out of their inbox and back to work. In order to figure out what will work best for your organization, you need to look at your office culture and try to understand your collaboration needs.

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By: Suchit Rout, Director – Barco Global Strategic Marketing– Enterprise

Today’s control rooms are rapidly evolving to keep up with the increasing complexity of digital infrastructures. While the challenges remain the same, i.e., monitoring and managing electricity, traffic, or other resources to optimize operations or respond to incidents, the tools are changing to vastly improve situational awareness and abnormal incident responsiveness.  

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