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Deploying technology globally can be a great help to many organizations, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Anyone that has traveled to another country knows that technology — things as simple as outlets to voltage inputs/outputs — can change drastically from place to place. It only becomes more complicated when high-tech, integrated technology needs to operate across multiple countries at the same time. This kind of project results in some complicated considerations and needs an expert touch to help successfully and seamlessly get to the finish line.

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Dan Gundry

Today’s working conditions have evolved over the years, originating as traditional face-to-face office environments and transforming into global workforces tasked with bridging the gap across time zones and country lines and encouraging engagement. Collaboration has become a main goal of modern enterprises, and technology in various forms makes that possible.

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When someone walks into a department store, conference room or lobby area that contains a monitor to convey information, they may not think much past how the display looks. But choosing the right display is critical to an organization's goals to provide clarity in messaging and content dissemination. While many decision makers are drawn to the cost-saving consumer displays that can be bought off the shelf, there are a number of considerations that must be taken into account. So what's the difference between consumer and commercial displays? We break it down for you:

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Today's common areas dedicated to team building, meetings and ad hoc groupthink sessions require a number of unique characteristics, all of which must contribute to a space that facilitates the effectiveness of these kinds of events and works to streamline them. Enter: huddle rooms.

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Vistacom is excited to announce we will attend the ASIS NYC's 29th Security Conference and Expo, May 16, the meeting of the minds of key decision makers in the corporate security and law enforcement arenas. The conference is focused on critical security issues facing organizations and communities in both the private and public sectors, while the expo will highlight some of the best and most advanced security technology on the market.

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