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In 1954, World War II veteran and communications expert Jack Ferlino founded Vistacom Audiovisual Solutions with a vision: to become one of the foremost developers and retailers of state-of-the-art communication systems. 60 years later, Vistacom has expanded from a small family-owned business to one of the premier audiovisual integration firms in the nation.

Vistacom forged its path to the forefront of high-tech communications by integrating the groundbreaking video technology of the 1980s with the network control systems of the 1990s. With the adoption of today’s cutting-edge audiovisual and IT technologies, Vistacom has reached the apex of communication expertise.

Our Philosophy
At Vistacom, the focus is on solutions: How can we integrate audiovideo communications in a format that is cohesive, manageable, and beneficial to your business? The success of our clients, employees, company, and community is very important to us.

Core Values
Vistacom serves its clients and its community with the utmost attention and care. As such, we have several core values that define us as a business and as a part of the community. At Vistacom, we believe:

  • Positive client experiences lead to a solid repeat client base and client referrals
  • High-quality technical solutions are the bedrock of our brand
  • Leadership and accountability at all levels are the foundation of our success
  • Loyal, engaged, team-oriented employees can and will accomplish great things
  • Committed and strategic reinvestment in the company assures preparedness for current and future opportunities
  • Our success is predicated on our preparation matching our opportunities
  • A successful company doubles as a valued corporate citizen by giving back to the community and encouraging its employees to do so as well
  • There is no substitute for honesty, integrity, hard work, pride in workmanship, and effective communications at all levels of the company